Hollow Phobos – Get High And Kill Yourself

Artist: Hollow Phobos
title: Get High And Kill Yourself
cat: Dipso0095
keywords: death ambient
label: Dipsomaniac Records http://dipsomaniacrecords.blogspot.com/

after all the positive vibrations that are flying around in these fine music releases that we are enjoying over here, I thought it would be the right time to settle down with something less positive for a change, Something darker, more depressed perhaps to just balance the music reviews in a righteous flow that fits everyone’s tastes. After searching in multiple locations, digging deep under the ground and climbing the mount Everest to find such a black hole, I came to the conclusion that the music that Yeah I Know It Sucks wanted to hear was not hidden in far locations, but just easily approachable to grab for free at the amazing archives of the internet. A release by ‘Hollow Phobos’ with the very uplifting and charming title of ‘Get High And Kill Yourself’! Can it be that this is the black hole we were searching for? Does this music turn the sun back into darkness? Let’s find out!

The first happy track is called ‘As The Noose Tightens’. It was perhaps predictable but still it came across a little bit as a surprise when hearing someone trying to inhale and exhale air through the lungs. In other words we hear someone trying to breath, but as the title suggest this task is getting more and more difficult because there might be a noose around this person’s throat. Strangely this makes me think of the curious death of the actor who played Bill in Kill Bill. He ended up hanged in a closet in a luxurious hotel in Bangkok with a noose around his neck (and sexual organs) . This was related to a sexual fetish that had slightly gone wrong as he died from suffocation. I hope that whoever the person is that is recorded in this track is still alive and well. It feels like even though a tight noose around the neck seems very unpleasant to most people, the person we are hearing here is pretty aroused by it sexually. That’s probably why my brain made the connection with the Kill Bill death case. Anyway, if you are into this kind of fetish, than this track would be perfect masturbation material. To me it just feels a bit like being a voyeur looking and listening at something that isn’t really turning me on. I’m more of a balloon fetish kind of guy. Oh! It’s so exciting to blow up a balloon! Oh Oh Ow! Balloons! So colorful, so soft and light and oh the shapes and sizes! oh yes! Balloons!

If I think about balloons and the joyful explosions that comes with them, it might make me scream of intensive joy like the sound of the next track. The vocal chords of someone are vibrating like they screaming in an extacy of pain and delight. The track is called Ghostwhale, so perhaps this track contains the sound of a ghost whaling? Anyway that is a good thing as ghosts are dead and cannot really destroy their voices with over abusing their voices, I presume…

After the screaming the artist invites us to go on a peticular walk. It seems to be a bit cold outside and the place where our friendly friend shows us around looks a lot like a typical graveyard. You can just smell the death and decay in this soundtrack. Spirits are taking a quick peek from under their thumbstones what all the fuzz is about. Soft layers of ghostly dead ambient is brightening up the church yard, isn’t it a pleasant day? Hey I thought it was daytime when I started to review this work? How come there is a faint moonlight and plenty full of darkness? This music is pretty good, and certainly dark too, But at the same time also hauntingly relaxing. This is something to take with you while exercising on the local graveyard with your positive minded gothic friends.

The last track of this release is more than ten minutes of misty and whispery darkness that flows around in an audio recording. It really fits with the previous work and is in my opinion not frightening enough to scare the shit out of you. In fact this whole release is indeed more of the calming ambient kind that could be put on in the background for Gothic atmospheric reasons. Just dim the lights a bit, or go for a nice decorated candle decor and invite some chatty friends with lots of black eyeliner in lose colorless floppy vampire clothes! Put some cookies in the shape of cute little skulls on the table and have a great evening! Get your free death ambience over here:



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1 Response to Hollow Phobos – Get High And Kill Yourself

  1. the truth the guy who made the song as the noose tightens he did record himself being hung on noose

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