pawspaws – White Walls

Artist: pawspaws
title: White Walls
keywords: synthpop, new wave, lowbit, post punk
label: Southern City’s lab

If the singer of The Cure was dead, the rest of the band crippled and half dead in a corner, they would probably have sounded as the first track on the newest free downloadable single of the lo-fi punk band called ‘pawspaws’. The track is called ‘White Walls’ and for some reason it makes me instantly think of the white walls of an isolation room of a psychiatric hospital. I can’t really explain why, just report what my imagination came up with while hearing this stuff, don’t expect squeaky clean new wave, but more something made with veins dehydrated with Vodka. Also the pop structure isn’t really there, but that maybe because the lack of vocals on this track.

With the second track we are glad to inform the readers that they seem to have managed to bring the singer of the band back to life. He still sounds a bit groggy from his previous early proclaimed death experience, but yet does his best to swing out and join in with the rest of the band. They all sound like survivors of an apocalypse, strong but scruffy! Their clothes shred to pieces and their instruments dirty of the rumble, but whatever happens they just seem to keep on rocking their music until there will be nothing left to wreck on this earth. A penniless single of lofi waste can be downloaded at the following link for your convenience:

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