Joel Nobody – Rest easy, Pilgrim

Artist: Joel Nobody
title:  Rest easy, Pilgrim
cat: SPNet124
keywords: free noise, improvisation
label: SPNet

Joel Nobody scraped everything what could possible make a sound together on the floor. The microphone and recorder rolls and the room is lit by a soft glow of moonlight. His brain tuned into a brainwave channel from another galaxy and simply starts to communicate through various spasm attacks. These attacks are not wasted with air guitar freak-outs but every move is used to go with all the goods he carefully has collected on the floor. Tin foiled hats are deconstructed; steel toothbrushes are getting brushed, wooden legs sawn in half, and beer bottles squeezed until it fits in the recycle bin. Always handy next to saws and steel toothbrushes is a hammer. You remember Bob Marley sing ‘A hammer, A Hammer to hammer them down?’ Well this sounds nothing like the Bob Marley song, but it does sound at times indeed like hammering things until they stop making beautiful noises. A guitar is normally a man’s best friend, and also Joel Nobody has a relationship with one. He treats it rough and guitar strings are having a seemingly hard life in the Nobody’s household. It’s all for art and the love for sound and performance, and we cannot really complain as the track of Joel Nobody really covers this love for sound and feels like we are enduring a real life private demonstration how to make noise with limited musical equipment. And this is just the first track!

Of a complete different order is the second work of Joel Nobody. This time the sound he choses to work with are more sounding like traditional electronica music devices. Of course the creativity behind mister Nobody doesn’t have limits, so who knows what it is actually what generates these warm zooming synthetic sounds. It feels like a group of stunt Bee’s are flying in formation to make saltos , dive to the ground and fly up in a straight line, looping and more fantastic fanatic air tricks. A complete show is zooming through our ears and the intensity and spectacle is really something you cannot find at your local stunt pilot air show. The artist had probably a complete different idea when creating this work, as Joel Nobody gave this piece the curious name of ‘Sailboat Pilgrimage (lion work)’. Perhaps this was actually the sound of working lions on stunt boats, while being on a glorious pilgrimage? Whatever it is, this is one of these tracks that could be interpreted into whatever the fantasy of the listener wants to hear. Special stuff!

The last track is back to the same environment as the first recording session. There is still the flickering light of the moon and a room full of stuff that could make a sound. There is also somebody in the room who tries to speak, but has perhaps a sock in his mouth. It could be a politician, a neighbor friend or perhaps it could even be Joel Nobody himself! I have no idea what he is saying and have the idea that it doesn’t really matters. It’s all part of the show folks! Rattles, strange scratching noises, fart interpretations, painful sounds that winkle the ears, alcoholic vibrations and more household entertainment. I have to say that my ears where so damaged by the high tones that somewhere popped up that I can hardly hear what I’m typing anymore… Hello? Is anybody out there? There is more mental outbursts of sounds in here and it seems like it is made in good fun! Joel Nobody keeps himself certainly entertained and manages to generate the weirdest and strangest sounds of what seem ordinary things. Something that is inspiring and admirable at the same time! Go and hear this art noise improvisation show for yourself at the following link:

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