Various Artists – 2011/2012 Media Sampler (None)

Various Artists - 2011/2012 Media Sampler

There was nothing else to eat here except this Media Sampler… but it was delicious!!!

Artists: Various
Title: 2011/2012 Media Sampler
Label: Alrealon Musique
Cat#: None
Keywords: Experimental, Avantgarde
Reviewer: Alex Spalding

Would you like to try a sample? There are plenty here, in the Alrealon Musique label’s 2011/2012 Media Sampler! No lemon, though, sorry…

… I know, how could they have forgotten lemon!? It’s ok, I assure you there are still very many flavours you’re sure to enjoy, perhaps even better than lemon.

You know, I’m just gonna say it… lemon is disgusting. Is it just me? It has a place every now and then, but for the most part… it’s not my thing. Anyway…

… hors d’oeuvre number one is a tasty little morsel titled ‘Disrupting The Ghost’ by FluiD. It starts with a ghoulish drone, sweeping in and then retracting dramatically. A smooth, downtempo and IDM/glitch inflected breakbeat comes in, very sexy. Scrumptious. I’m loving the gritty basslines, this has got kind of a post-industrial grooviness that goes into a kind of ethnic/world thing with the addition of these wonderful Hindi or maybe Sufi vocal samples. The overall vibe is very dark, grimy.
Pairs well with merlot, grape koolaid or black olives.

Gooey, melty bells come in on ‘Here Ing Voices’ by PAS. There’s a trippy electro groove with a lot of bass, stabs of high-pitched beep tones, vocals and strange vocal manipulations lurking around. I love the textures, layers of synths and buzzing vocoder drones, the vocals make for a nice glaze over the top.
Try pairing with goat cheese, fruit roll ups or strawberry preserves.

JOHN 3:16 then brings us ‘Ascent Of The Blessed’, and the first thing I hear is the tone of guitars, which seem to be reversed. A slight wash, like a wave of white noise comes through like a loud blender, then there is really nice electric guitar melody, traces of pads, heavily reverberating drums that are rather subtle. Vocals are another subtle layer added, and then the drums get louder. Guitar grunge drones swallow me up, it works really well with the undercurrent of electronic tones. Toward the very end are some interesting vocals, lofi and swirling amid the syrup of guitar textures.
Add a dash of sea salt, top with Swiss cheese, or enjoy with a chilled pint of porter.

Next is Philip Petit & Friends with ‘Pyramid Of The Moon’. At first I hear cello, some clanging, guitar… this is an interesting puree, with plenty of lovely string arrangements. A bit morose. When the acoustic guitar comes in I felt… like this was truly beautiful! A bit teary in places, but that could have just been the onions I’m chopping up. 😥
For a flavourful treat, try spreading on a thin, crisp wafer, mixing it with honey for a sweetly satisfying dip or stuffing it into a turkey’s arse for the holidays.

‘Minor Affliction’ is from Black Saturn! It’s kind of martial sounding, heavy on the palate, sounds bonking around to a militaristic beat, and then I’m hearing some vocals come in, like beat poetry, and repeating frequently in the mix. In the background I’m hearing a synth, saw-wave string type thing.
You might try cooking in a pot with broccoli, cabbage and celery.

X:Naviet comes on with the track ‘Before The Ultimate Journey’, which is pretty nice! Some very beautiful ambient drone frequencies happening, with a subtle taste of tape wonkiness. This is one of the loveliest drones I’ve heard in awhile! Dreams of electric… mutton… lamb chops…
Works well with banana, gelato and the blue razz pop rocks.

Time for a bit of ‘Angels Pt.II’, by FluiD. I hear piano, strings, a low, pink noise type thing in the far background. Then a yummy distorted bit of monophonic electronic noise synth comes in, sounding very warped and intriguing! This is a really cool track. All sorts of random electronic sounds float in while the song unfolds. Hollow bells, cello, slow motion electro grooves, strange choirs…
You may find this is best paired with rutabaga, steamed in rice paper or sprinkled on a salad in lieu of artificial bacon bits.

Philippe Petit is back (this time without friends… and that’s kind of sad sounding) with ‘Liquid Desire’, a noisy drone at first with absolutely delicious sounds and effects happening in the mix. It’s like a highly experimental horror soundtrack or bit of art film noir. This track’s got something really great going on. I heard some pizzicato strings, some organ a bit later… it keeps you on edge, in a good way. For us. Maybe not so good for whoever is on film, because they’re about to be murdered in the middle of a 1970s LSD montage. Who knew the human body contained so much blood? After a bit it sounds like we’ve entered a black mass in a repurposed cathedral. There’s probably some guy walking around with a goats head, a virgin is on the alter, LaVey is in a corner of the room chuckling or something.
Best boiled in a stomach, baked in a pie with berries from someone else’s garden, or in a really trippy seafood chowder.

Another track featuring FluiD, this one also by ARU, titled ‘Midnight Dub’… I’m loving the rhythm on this one, sounding kind of chunky, breakbeat drum-machine. Got some bass samples in it as well, trickling backgrounds, dripping all over my head. Extremely psychedelic! I love the dub grooves that come on later, chopped and served HOT. Or cold… it’s kind of hard to tell, really. Maybe it got freezer burnt? One of my faves so far on this excellent comp.
Prepare with creme of tartar, maybe squeeze a little pineapple juice onto it, or serve with fondu!

‘Stage 4 – Delta Sleep’ is by PAS/HATI, and sounds like some toy mechanics, maybe some pebble electronics. It’s a fantastic soup of sound. Winding, winding… ding! I hear what sound like the harmonics of timpanis being mutated… some xmas bells jingling… xylophones, resonant feedback tones, bike spokes spinning. Very surreal! It sounds like a cat’s tail being pulled on repeat at one moment. I love it… it’s very tribal, like a group of people playing with the odds and ends of the percussion world.
Dice it up with some cucumbers, give it a planko crust and fry, or peel it and put it on kebabs!

Savory electro-tuba bass and some hihat sequencing begin when ARU meets FluiD again on ‘The Sickness (Snowfall Silence – Dreamlogicc Remix)’, then a smooth sinewave bassline comes in as well. I hear some dark tone ambiance, and then – oh! – it gets very lovely, very pretty, very colourful and dazzling with all these beauteous synth garnishes!
Tastes so good with honeydew melon, fresh cream or mozzarella!

Loving the mellow harmonic drones on ‘God Is Light’ by JOHN 3:16, like a tiny little ray of… well, no, that’s probably just the food colouring. Guitars come in, filling out the mix nicely, and these provide more of the rhythmic underpinnings of the track as well as it’s drive. An echoing, reverby breakbeat floats in, drowning in guitar and a bit of subdued vocal/screaming… very cool!
You know this does well made up into a glaze atop a slice of angel food cake, but it also tastes quite good with pastry puff and table Chardonnay.

I’m almost full, which reminds me… this is the final track, and it is by Zilmrah and titled ‘As In Nature’. Really nice atmosphere, hard to puzzle out what kinds of sounds I’m hearing, but many are electronic, some sound like tablas, there’s a bit of sitardistortion… there’s a great, destructive pulse to this, another of my faves so far! It’s got a very experimental groove and sound profile, kind of reminding me of maybe a distorted Hector Zazou or Aksak Maboul. Very dense, mind-altering.
Combine with one part coconut, one part chicken and plenty of basil!

I think I ate too much! I hope you will, too, so please check out this compilation! You can get either the net release or the CD from the wonderful minds at Alrealon Musique… it is guaranteed to stave your hunger. Here’s the link to where it can be found (but bring your own cutlery):

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