Neon Lushell – Tramadol Beach

artist: Neon Lushell
title: Tramadol Beach
cat: DA001
keywords: devilish thoughts inside Brian Pitt’s warped psyche & an industrial labyrinth chop and screwed nightmare grind
label: Drug Arts

Two hot tracks, mixed in mono and ready to be burnt on a 7″ vinyl. I have no idea if they indeed ended up on a real life touchable record or that after downloading & buying these two tracks from their local bandcamp page, you are invited to invest and burn this on a 7″ vinyl yourself? Whatever the plan and idea behind this digital record is, the music is the stuff that should get your high interests (literally)!

Side A starts with a spoken word themed track called ‘Tramadol Beach’. This is what you call an interesting story of a somehow dark trippy experience generated by taking enough LSD to make the speaking artist mind melt. It’s a fascinating weird story that seems to be recorded on a tape mixed with dark ambience to give us the feeling of being unbalanced. In fact if it wasn’t for the darkness in the background the druggy hallucinative trip to the beach wouldn’t remind me of a classic American anti-drug campaign. You know these old black and white propaganda movies that follow for example a girl named Alice who hooks up with new friends; peer pressured herself into the evil hands of LSD and fly’s out of the window without growing herself some proper wings! It’s interesting how the mind works and what governments can come up with to try to manipulate opinions with scare tactics. If you listen to the story that is told in this track it is extremely intriguing, poetic even and does not get in the slightest into a bad experience. But yes the tones in sound recreate the feeling of a bad ass acid trip gone wrong.

More steady and enjoyable is side B of this record as it comes across as perfect ritual music made by high people for high people. The fortunate listeners are treated with a trippy steady rhythm and a smooth gothic holy sounding hymn provided by mysterious figures. It got certain darkness to it that might appeal throbbing gristle fans in search for a track to lay their wasted heads down.

So yes two original tracks that seem to dribble in the finer zones of hallucinated darkness. If I had to describe the record in a shorter way it should probably go like this: The A side sounds like a bad LSD trip and side B comes across as being extremely wasted on something much more heavier.. Possible Heroine! If that sounds appealing to you, than don’t be afraid to direct yourself to the following page on the internets:

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