Blood on the Dance Floor – Evolution


Artists: Blood on the Dance Floor
Title: Evolution
Label: Dark Fantasy Records
Keywords: Pop, Electro, Dubstep, Rock, Goth, Scream-o
Reviewer: Johan Nederpel

Oh my god! We at YIKIS normally review all kinds of music except for popular main-stream sounds. I think it’s time we change that. KN already reviewed the upcoming artist Simon Kent, this time I will review a band that has made history already!

Blood on the Dance Floor (or BotDF for intimates) is by far the best band of the last decade! Dubstep/Rock/Pop/Goth/Scream-o and intriguing vocals is the bands

‘Rise & Shine! ‘ is the opening track of Evolution. It features Deuce, who isn’t the band that are most familiar for their mid ‘90ies hit ‘Call it love’.  He is a dark screamer  and that is what he does on this track. This track is a combination between hip-hop, goth and dubstep. Pretty good for a starter.

‘Unforgiven’ is the dance floor filler for the coming years. Picking all aspects of synthpop/electro bands like Suicide Commando, Assemblage23, Rotersand, this track will likely fill all underground goth clubs in the entire world. Hard pounding beats with intoxicating synthesizer loops and angry vocals will keep you punching your fists in front of you like Bruce Lee.

I can’t believe I’m already at 1/6th of this review. ‘The law of love’ is the third track and bit of a filler. Not a dance floor filler, bit a sort interlude.

‘Frankenstein + The Bride’ is one of the worst tracks on the album. Especially because of the vocal capabilities of Haley Rose. They could have easily asked Rebecca Black to sing the lyrics and it would probably be better for the track. But Haley looks a lot better!

‘Fantasyland’ reminds me a lot of end ‘90ies dance tracks like Aqua’s Doctor Jones, or anything of Captain Jack. Catchy synth hooks and up-beat drums.

‘Revenge Porn’ goes even further where ‘Fantasyland’ stopped by adding a bit of E-rotic’s Max Don’t have Sex with your Ex to it. A cheap track to score a lot of hits. Mostly by guys in their 30ies, sitting alone in their attic looking for the more extreme forms of human reproduction.

Please have ‘Mercy’ with me, especially after the last 3 tracks. This track is a lot better! Darker, better lyrics, more original. I like it! Amelia Arsenic only does some spoken words on this track so we don’t have that debacle of that Frankenstein song. I really like a typical synth swoosh they have used.

It seems like we have entered the better part of the CD here. Dubstep, synthpop and guitars are combined on ‘Hollywood Tragedy’. Shawn Brandon sings on this track and he is really good at it! Not as good as ‘Unforgiven’ (it seems like every songs that has been named unforgiven is an instant hit), but another dance floor filler!

With ‘Rampage of love’, another interlude, we have made it through the first half of this album. These interludes are really nice, spoken words set to nice ambient music.

The opener for the second half of this album is ‘The Last Dance’. It is a bit of a cheesy song, but the vocals of the appearing guest vocalist are really cool. I don’t know who it is, because it doesn’t says so. But she deserves a heads-up for her ability to outshine the other female vocalists on this album. What! Wait! I just found out it is Haley Rose again! She has improved in just a couple of songs! I take back every word I said about her in the Frankenstein track.

Now I feel ‘Incomplete & all alone’. A track featuring Joel Madden, who you may remember as the lead singer of the punk/rock/pop band Good Charlotte. Really cool to have such a great name on your album. The track itself isn’t really special. It hangs a bit between punk/rock and synthpop.

‘Deja Vu’ is the mandatory slow paced love song that every album needs to have. It is all about love, love and love. About halfway through the song it speeds up a bit, but still feels like a billboards track about losing your girlie and then getting her back or something sweet like that.

‘You are the Heart’ starts with a suicide facts spoken word part. This is the bands motivational track to help anybody who thinks about performing suicide. It may help some kids who listen to them, but I think it is the weakest track on the album. It is drenched with clichés ‘Stand up and fight’, ‘Teenage tragedy’, ‘Take back your life’, ‘Don’t you dare give up on me’, ‘You are not alone’ and lines like that.

‘The right to love’ talks about the ever growing hate against homosexuals. A subject that can’t be addressed enough. An up-tempo song that lets everybody be themselves and let everyone live their own lives. Although this track also has some cliché lines, they don’t jump out as much as in the prior track. The advice at the end is really strong; UNITY!

‘Lovotomy’ is the second (anti-)love song. It deals with erasing your lover from your life. After the track about suicide it is really strange, and a bit out of place, to hear a track where they wish to erase someone from their lives.

‘Mother Earth’ is the last interlude and the best! It deals with the respect everybody should have for Gaia and the rest of the universe (or multiverse).

‘Love Conquers All’ features Elena Vladi. She is best known for her band Demona Mortiss. A nice track with a pretty cool arp sound during the entire track. This is most pop-like track of the entire album. Too bad it is near the end of the album.

‘Love is the message’, and the message is L O V E. With those words I would like to end this review! but the track isn’t finished yet. It is the last interlude and the last track of the album, so it more an epilogue.

Blood on the Dance Floor really surprised me. They are a great band, with some tracks that aren’t really good. But most of them are! A real nice listening experience!

I would like to thank Alex Spalding, that other reviewer, for introducing me to BotDF! ❤


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