Pk Jazz Collective – Things we need to do (maxi single)

Artist: Pk Jazz Collective
title: Things we need to do  (maxi single)
keywords: future jazz, krautrock, downtempo
label: Southern City’s Lab

PK Jazz Collective delivers something that could be considered the newest James Bond theme that throws in some old school funky vibes, modern beats and timeless classical sounding instruments. ‘Build a House’ is how they have named ‘it’ on this swinging single, and indeed it stands like a house made of stone, while it keeps moving with the wind like a house made of grain! I expect musicians in suits, smoking cigarettes in a corner of a darkened club playing these cool as fuck creations for whoever may find them.

Next to building a house they also have a nice sentimental track called ‘Planting a tree’. This is a pretty and musical track of intriguing pretty melodies that balances nicely between a cloud of pure highness and the sweet taste of melancholia.

The last track is ‘raise a son’, which is a graceful sounding track where light piano keys are enjoying the company of sweet solo guitar strings. There is also a keyboard string and the unmistakable sound of a baby that is crying in a microphone. The playful pretty piano notes don’t really seem to shut the baby up, but lucky the baby can be faded out with the use of some technical miracles. At the end the baby returns and laughs just like the sun in a random episode of the teletubbies.

What can I say? This is proper music, a real sounding band that does its own thing. I’m not really a fan of the sound of a baby, as it makes me feel like someone you don’t know is showing off their baby pictures while you are actually enjoying something else. But besides that, the three tracks are pretty and colorful, and fly by like how time goes when you are having fun. Would love to find a strange looking pub, climb down the rabbit hole and find this band spreading their sounds of music. But in the meantime this release will do fine too! Get these tracks in your own ears by pressing the following link:

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