☭S☊☯WF∑∄D⨊R❅; – Snowfeed your heart



Artists: ☭S☊☯WF∑∄D⨊R❅
Title: Snowfeed Your Heart
Keywords: Guitar, Drone, Noise, Experimental, Beats, Witch House, Haunting
Reviewer: Johan Nederpel

This 20 track album starts of with ripping noise sounds. After some time faint drums set in. ‘Pulling Yourself Outside Of Yourself’ is a good intro to the rest of the album.

The second track is called ‘Download Graveyard’ and is a happy loop based track. The melody gets stuck in your head instantly. Tu-tu-tu-tuuuuuu-du tu-tu tu-du-du….

‘Do you know?’ is a post-dubstep breakbeat track with a nice little drone layer settling in after 1,5 minutes. I really like the way snowfeeder buitls his beats.

The next track, ‘Terrifying Hilarity’, is a raw improvised guitar piece. A lot of feedback and reverbs let the sounds dwell in themselve.

I’m always curious when tracks have a title like the next one. ‘Sex Brain’ sets me thinking. Is this track about thinking of sex. Or about some pshycopath who has sex with brains? To bad this beat filled track is so short to properly think about it.

“Where Are You?’ is another slughish guitar piece. More droney than ‘Terrifying Hilarity’ and with more structure. A little bit short I guess, but there are 20 tracks on this album so he couldn’t make it 20 minutes.

‘They Did Not Ask to Be Brought Into This World’ is a nice combination of the guitar drone and more electronic drones. It deliveres a really haunting feeling. Great to play when you have an power failure in the middle of the night.

‘The Cat Of The Sphynx’s Eye’ nearly popped my speakers. This track is so loud and full of different noises and clipping, it’s the best way to scare your pesky neighbours. I am really sorry for the sounds used in this track. They have been mutilated so much, I can’t even start to imagine how they feel. It has had to be a strain for them, as this tracks lasts more than 15 minutes.

After that brutal track, ‘Swastika Parade’, almost feels like you have came to heaven. Even if you don’t believe in it. A nice sub-bass with tantelizing high notes set you in a gently mood.

‘At Home In The Seahorse Nest Version’ is porbably the most experimental track on this album. Rattling sounds and creaking doors are being followed by quick rhythm bursts.

Before I start at the second half of the album, lets recapulate the first half. It’s a blend of a lot of musical styles. That makes this album nicely diverse to listen too, but it also doesn’t push the listener in a certain mood or direction. The first half can be seen as stand alone tracks and not a full concept for the album. But maybe that will change with the second half. Let us find out!

‘Nodding’ is the 11th track. Another drone track, but it’s much cleaner than the previous one. Especially half way when high pichted notes set in. Really spacious track!

I Hope ‘Swan Song’ isn;t the swan song for snowfeeder (I’m not even trying to copy-paste the original unicode name here). It is an almost free-jazz imporivsation with a lot of distorted guitar parts. Really different from the other tracks on this album.

‘I’m Just Here For The Children She Said’ falls in the category of haunting tracks. This track has vocals strechted out and layered so get the feeling of spooks following you through a bewitched forest.

‘A Code All Their Own’ is, together with ‘Who Are You?’ the most electronic drone track of the album. Real subtile placed high notes on a bed of low drones, like butterflies over the ocean.

‘The Forlorn Stranger’ is the pinnacle of this album. All styles that where used throughtout the album are combined. It gives the track a real jazz feel. Drones, guitar layers, drums all fit in perfectly well. In my opinion, the best track of the album together with the next track.

‘Before Nausea’ hits me in the heart. I have a weakness full beautifull piano arp sequences. And this track has exactly what I like. Layered on a bed of minimal drums and a nice flowing pad. To bad it is only a little over a minute long.

‘Who Are You?’ is the other electronic drone track. A bit more diverse than ‘A Code All Their Own’ with even e glimpse of a melodie.

‘Allergic To People’ is a really calming track. It has the lowest BPM off all not drone tracks and has the layers of sounds nicely complementing each other. Guitar over strings, perfect combination!

‘Extra Hideaway’ Is the second post-dubstep track on this album. It covers the low regions of the Hertz scale with a sporadic little tiny outburst.

Oh help! The last track is called ‘The Cat Of The Sphynx’s Eye (Curse Of The Terror Of The Tombs Mix)’ , so it’s time set the volume on my speakers lower again. But at almost 2 minutes it’s a lot shorter than the original. The track itself sounds like the opening of an ancient Egyptian tombe. At the end the Faraoh falls out of his tombe and scares the hell out of you.

What can I say about the entire album? Where the first part of the album sounded like all kind of different styles of tracks played, the second part feels more coherent. Snowfeeder shows of a diverse set of skills with this album. From guitar play to drone making to beat programming. My advice is that you listen to this immediatly!


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