Alien Operator – Crystal Portal

artist: Alien Operator
title: Crystal Portal
cat: Siro658
keywords: Acid, Goa, Trance
label: Sirona-records

The following release that somehow landed on my desk can be something good or the opposite. As it is claimed by the netlabel that Acid (give me that!) & Goa (oh yes please!) and trance (Deejay Tiesto toot toot toothpaste!) are its stylish keywords. As someone whispered kindly in the ears that I might possible enjoy this record, I will give it a spin of the doubt!

For some reason I feel the urge to rename the track titles, restyle them in a more marketable interesting fashion, Something that might sell these tracks like hot candy, even if this release is free of charge.

So lets listen to ‘Shut the fuck up, here’s some acid!’. A track with a real old school feel to it of irresistible four by four techno beats and the unmistakable sound of undeniable acid music! Something that successfully teleport us back to the heydays of the pumping acid movements, spacewoodstock and smiley faces carved on paracetamols ! Production wise it reminds me of reinstalling the also free downloadable Propellerheads Rebirth program! A great piece of old-school software that successfully made the acid dance sounds of the TB 303 , TR 808 and the TR 909 available in a compact and easy to work with computer program! Now the software maybe taken out of production but it doesn’t mean that the Rebirth doesn’t deserve another re-birth! More information and free download of this software is available at the online Rebirth museum.

More of this fine energetic acid wubs can be found in the classic sounding tune named ‘Techno Viking enjoys this beat (don’t sue us you cunt!)’. Expect the right amount of pounding, the perfect high fiving acid sequences that will lift you off the ground for a flight around the living room!

Then it’s time for ‘Jump On My Penis’, which is a strange title for such a captivating melodic acid dance cracker! Sweet acid galore meets pure happiness, ticking off all the sounds you need to hear for a good electric day of happy dancing with the stars!

The last renamed track is ‘Space Shaft Grasper’! Another really great acid track with a darker space age feeling to it. Very deep, very pretty and old school! We might even say this is not just acid music, this is the proper melodic space techno from back in the day! Ready and just landed back on earth to continue giving us the good vibes! This is how we like our techno music the most, fuck skrollex, mister dads and fuckstep, this is the motherboard! The root extract of where it all comes from and it still blows everything else away in a blink of an eye! It makes me wane scream! I Love AAaaaaaaaAaAcccccccCCcCccCccIiiiIiiiiiiiiiiIiiiiiiIIIiiiiiiiDdddddDddDddd!!!
get these old-school new-school acid techno dance crackers at the following link: (renamed track-titles are not included!)

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