Artificial Memory Trace – Vibrunami Wave (ACP 1016)

Artificial Memory Trace - Vibrunami Wave

Whoa, dude! The album art for Vibrunami Wave by Artificial Memory Trace is fuckin’ RAD! *plays air guitar*

Artist: Artificial Memory Trace
Title: Vibrunami Wave
Label: Attenuation Circuit
Cat#: ACP 1016
Keywords: Experimental, Drone, Electronic, Noise
Reviewer: Alex Spalding, Surf Dude

Alex Spalding: Attenuation Circuit appears to be a pretty solid label, as they’ve released music from the likes of Nocturnal Emissions and… well, a lot of other interesting artists, including Artificial Memory Trace, who’s single-track album Vibrunami Wave (recorded in 1996!) is currently on my boombox… computer, I mean.

Surf Dude: Surf’s up, dude! Hang ten!

Alex: Oh… right. Sorry about this, dear reader, but YIKIS just transported a new intern named Surf Dude from early ’90s SoCal, and the second he heard the word ‘wave’ he apparently decided to crash my review like some kind of barf tsunami. It’s totally bogus.

Surf Dude: Whatever, dude! This review is gonna be… 2 the MAXX!!!

Alex: Dude, like… whatever. Uhhh… anyway, like… I was gonna talk about the music now…

‘Vibrunami Wave’ is silent at first, and then we hear what sounds like the slamming of a car door… followed by more silence… and then a whoosh! And more silence. Another sort of filtered soundbit of a slamming mechanism… what do you make of it, Surf Dude?

Surf Dude: COWABUNGA!!! *rides the waves*

Alex: Hey, get back here! The review just started! Oh well, some of these soundwaves are a bit enticing. There are some really nice undertows of radiator drones humming, snaps of stuff being banged around. I’m starting to wish I’d brought my speedo. The waves of sound glide into the mix with occasional different effect treatments, like echoes, what might be low-resonant harmonic modulations, washes of dissonant noise frequencies… oh, what the hell, guess I’ll grab a boogie board and get in on this sweet action.

Surf Dude: Wipe-OUT!!!

Alex: Oh shit, the mix is a ruckus now all of a sudden! I just saw Surf Dude get his shit wrecked by a massive tidal wave of noise! I’m just gonna try and find a safe place in all these drone frequencies to get my surf on. The tones are mostly flat over here… but I can hear some distant ruminations, perhaps the worst is yet to come?

Surf Dude: *surfaces* Whoa duude! That was gnarly!!!

Alex: You ok, bro!?

Surf Dude: Righteous!

Alex: … alright, I’ll take that as a yes. These frequencies are very minimal, broken up only slightly by small, percussive planks of what could be a synthetic bongo. Maybe the remnants of some sunken ship out here? These deep-blue drone tones are really mental, gurgling like a backed up sink drain. Now I hear what sounds like a table saw! A quick flash of a wave just came by… Surf Dude, watch out!!!

Surf Dude: Tuuubuuulaaaar!!!

Alex: … I think we lost him… no, wait, he’s riding the wave! That was sick! Oh, and he just made it back to the beach… wow. I guess I’ll start heading back too while the drones are low.

Anyway, that was an awesome audio experience. I’m gonna go find a daiquiri stand, but I’ll drop a link here so you can ride these waves of sound yourself. Later!

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1 Response to Artificial Memory Trace – Vibrunami Wave (ACP 1016)

  1. kill says:

    Quarantaine ‎– Lichtempfindlich!
    QUARANTAINE was ephemerous collaboration between Jaroslav Palat and Slavek Kwi (Artificial Memory Trace), active in early 80ties in Prague, former Czechoslovakia.

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