Deformister – 1004 Noises (NJMP3-0238)

Deformister - 1004 Noises

The pink and black album art for Deformister’s 1004 Noises makes me want to play Tron for some reason, particularly the subgame featuring light cycles because that was my favourite one.

Artist: Deformister
Title: 1004 Noises
Label: Noise-Joy
Cat#: NJMP3-0238
Keywords: Rhythmic Noise, Techno, Experimental, Minimal
Reviewer: Alex Spalding

Psst! Hey, you! Over here behind this rock… quick, quick!…

… hello, hello! Glad you could make it, wasn’t sure if you’d heard me from all the way over there! Relax, I’m not here to sell you drugs and stuff… though if you’re wanting any, they’re over there behind that other rock… no, I just figured we’d be safest behind this boulder. You were standing right next to the spot where we were about to detonate the album 1004 Noises by Deformister. It’s sure to be loud, because we’ve got the volume turned up to 11. How loud is it going to be, you ask? Very loud. As loud as we can get it! Ear plugs? That would, uh, defeat the purpose, don’t you think? After all, our mission is to review precisely what happens once I push this button. Feel free to wear these 3D goggles, though. Hey, those look nice on you! When you’re ready just let me know and we will commence… ready now? Great!

3… 2… 1… pushy push!

*BKWHOOSSSSSSSSSHHHHHHHH!!!* ‘1004 Noises’ sounds like some electronic explosions. Some deep growling explosions, some clicking bass, a tangled web of dynamite or napalm! The clickbass groove gets louder. Now there are some hi-hats… it arrives to a place in which it vaguely reminds me of some of Trentemøller’s stuff, very maschinenfunk, but less rough-buttpulse and more smooth, minimal and vapourous in it’s sound. Sizzling noise frequencies scatter around. I hear very, very low, subtle electronic tones and some kind of Middle-Easter jazziness deep in the mix someplace, I really wish those were louder. Blips, bloops… we’re submerging! And… then it’s over.

Well… that was nice, eh? It was a lot like watching fireworks, but in slow motion… you notice certain intricacies, and then it’s over and you’re left only with a fuzzy awareness of the kind of pretty experience you just had. Feel absolutely free to experience it as frequently as you desire at the link below:

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