Asaguare – Failin Gawds

artist: Asaguare
title: Failin Gawds
keywords: ambient industrial

Let’s take some Rhythmic cinematic electronic music with spaced out drones floating on top. Mix it with A freaky acid sequence that sounds utterly violent and punky. Spread it nicely with these pushy rhythm arrangements. Add some Arabic influences, but with a huge futuristic cyber aspect. Than view the taste of action and industrial coming to life as something exciting! Something that would not be out of place as a theme track for an old-school ‘Bladerunner’ movie. This is a possible receipt to describe the soundtrack called Failin Gawds.

Is it good? Yes! When will the movie be out? We have no idea! It’s just 5 minutes short and is surrounded by mystery. Where and when can we hear more? Do people still use toilet-paper in the future? We have no answers, but do have a link to click on:

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