Idklang / Cordyceps – Split (WGR 16)

Idklang / Cordyceps - Split

“Oh, hello”, says the mostly faceless entity on the cover of Idklang and Cordyceps Split through the crooked slit in it’s head. “I hope you enjoy the review. I have used a device, the pinnacle of Earth’s technology at present, to enslave a human music reviewer to write about the sounds I represent as part of an extraterrestrial mind-control operation. You will remember nothing of what I’ve just revealed to you when I have finished speaking.” *ding*

Artists: Idklang / Cordyceps
Title: Split
Label: Wire Globe Recordings
Cat#: WGR 16
Keywords: Pop Rock, Breakcore, Contemporary Electronica, Glitch, Hardcore, IDM, Noise
Reviewer: Alex Spalding

Reader! The… impossible, the unthinkable has happened! I was in the YIKIS laboratories making myself a sandwich and telling jokes to the interns when I found Johan Nederpel’s google glasses laying on a table. He must have left them here earlier in the day. I tried them on for a laugh, and… then I started seeing strange things… the future… I tried to take the glasses off, but it’s as if they are glued onto my face. Then I started hearing things… music, like something from outer space, or Austria (Idklang) and Belgium (Cordyceps)… it’s really frightening. There is an unusually calm voice commanding me to tell you of these things. The visions I’m receiving…

… are at first of a track called ‘Magic Spell’ by Idklang… it sounds like some noise clipping, very rhythmic, and acoustic guitar. So… beautiful… then vocals come in, melting into my mind like… like something melty… I love it, though. This sort of IDM rhythmic thing unfurls, very intense programming, lots of energy that make for a nice counterpoint to the very emotive vocal stylings laid out. Screams, bursts of percussive static noise grooves! Rumbles in the ionosphere… ambient bliss drones, shifting. Very nice, very surreal IDM and a lot more heartfelt than you would expect. I appreciate the vocals, as they are what they are, no autotune here!

Then, what do I hear?.. a track titled ‘Mu’, also known as MuMu or Atlantis… what does it all mean!? It begins with an electronic conga pattern, adding touches of guitar, some vocals endearingly off-key in places. Out of nowhere I hear these frenetic electro grooves blow into the mix, getting gritty and distorted in places, and also mixed in frequently are these intense jungle riddims. Screams and strange electronic noises all over, a lot of fun! I love how this artist delves into these intense, heavily percussive and noisy sections and then cuts very suddenly back into more or less minimal ambient sections… it’s striking and feeling fresh to my ears right now.

Cordyceps is bring me into ‘BCC 1869’… some low, resonant static hums at first, light breaths of feedback, then a strange electro breakbeat comes in and I hear what sound like voices lower in the mix, samples. It seems to be gaining speed… I hear some pretty synth tones… faster and faster we go! Into… the FUTURE! The breaks are jittery, heavy; some electric guitar is being laid on rhythmically. Loving the drone frequencies that it ends on…

… then we are presented with a ‘Faustian Pact’, the doings of Cordyceps again I surmise. Some hi-speed hats, samples, guitar loop programming / manipulation sequence. There’s something about this that almost feels jazzy, but very uptempo… I love the rhythmic energy of this track, the strange tonal qualities they explore… this might be my favourite piece of music on the Split! The end is really, really dreamy, and I love it!

Very fresh, very pleasant listening, taking elements that are totally left of field including abstract IDM, glitch, post-rock, free noise and doing something that sounds at once refreshing and also partly sentimental. Anyway… I’m transmitting a link portal right now, for you to share these visions with me… you’ll find it at the bottom of this review… I think the glasses are taking over my brain, so if you see Johan… tell him… *cough, gasp*… tell him… that google said it’s coming for him next! … yes, I think google said that specifically… it was like, “hey, this is google, and if you could just tell Johan that I’m coming for him next, that would be great.” … and also… tell Johan that there’s no more coffee… I was going to make some more, but then this google glass fiasco happened… funny… how it all seems… now…

… …

… oh, nevermind, I guess I’m fine. I can even take the glasses off! I’m like the fish that got away or something. Weird experience, overall! Here’s that link, though, before I forget:

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