Maxime Tanguay – synsyn

artist: maxime tanguay
title: synsyn
cat: vau016
keywords: experimental, ambient,
label: various and uneasy (pertin-nce)

Sometimes Yeah I Know It Sucks feels like an voyage of the starship U.S.S Enterprise, exploring new life forms (artists) , new civilizations (labels) and to boldly go where no man has gone before! (Some musical corners of the internet?) Today your reviewer wants to explore a free downloadable record called ‘synsyn’. It contains 4 eccentric experimental tracks that are safe to explore.

The first eccentric audio world that Maxime Tanguay has created over here comes indeed across as an friendly but alienated world. Everything is calm with strange little bubbles of peaceful sounds that flows around in an area of soft squeaky chairs and other background environment recordings. There is no real orientation here, just a calm unidentified world of friendly calmed.

With the second track we encounter footsteps that are traveling in a world where bubbly bubble sounds that contain a certain musicality are floating up to the surface. It is like we are taking a nice Sunday afternoon walk in a sunken town at a reasonable depth in a crystal clear blue ocean. This is what you might call retty bizarre, but also refreshingly nice.

The third section is even more disorientating as it is pretty weird as in original, but also does a good job at stimulating a relaxing state of mind. It’s like platonic fake waves that reaches a non-existing beach, while a soft tone detunes and tunes into the realm of normality.

The last track feels like we have landed on the edge of nature and the fantasy audio worlds of the previous tracks. A watery vibe that recreates the calm sound of the bottom of a steal boat, getting kissed by a smooth stream. The soft synthetic sound that fills up the air steers this track to the end of this fine release.

‘synsyn’ is an experimental way of recreating ambient music in a highly original way. The four tracks come across like a perfect friendly family with sparkling attitudes among each other. This is a nice record for anyone who has a thirsty interest in a refreshing and yet calm sound-exposure. Download it for free at the following link: <KN>

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