Tomika – Good People and Good Night EP

Artist: Tomika
title: Good People and Good Night EP
keywords: folktronica, indie tronic, pop, indie, electronic,
label:  No Source Netlabel

There’s nothing better than a friendly sniff of bedroom pop music, with a little bit of indie, some classical elements and a voice that is coming from someone who seems to be standing  somewhere in the middle of love story. ‘The Good People and Good Night EP’ brings on the ultimate sweetness in this field. Behind these good musical songs is someone called Tom Streller aka Tomika, who really manages to capture the essence of a pretty easy listening session, based on cute orchestrated music with the essence of soothing Sing & Songwriter material for the good people.  You know the right cords on the piano, the right sounds of strings that smell of a big budget posh studio with leather sofas, while still being half awake like an unmade bed where you just rolled out of. Can you still follow me? It’s not the music to be energetic and jumpy about; it’s more the stuff you hear with the sleeping dust still in your eyes. Something you play for your intimate loved one to prevent the awkward silence moments between the cuddling sessions. It’s pretty good and pretty free too, be sure to visit the link to enjoy some good relaxing friendly music that probably is more efficient (healthy and cost reducing) than swallowing a few sleeping pills:

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