Flat Affect VS Bastard Child

[4m@010]-00-Flat_Affect_VS_Bastard_Child_-_Coverartist: Flat Affect VS Bastard Child
cat: 4m@010
keywords: experimental , noise, spoken word, theraphy, lobit.
label: 4m@ records http://www.proc-records.net/INDEX2.html

Flat Affect vs Bastard Child produced a 21+ minute track that sound like we are standing in a never ending lobit breeze, maybe even a slight cold snowstorm. Within the flutes of data loss, we are also warmly greeted by female voices that seem to have a conversation with themself. It comes across as if we are listening to a private therapy talking session, where the patient has to do a heavy self-analysis until the shrink or social adviser can make up their mind what kind of medication to prescribe or other advice needs to be given.

It is an intensive talking session and when the snowy hiss dissapears for a while and we are left with purely the girl and the voices in her head, it feels like a heavy moment of invading a very private moment of someone else their thoughts and senses. My ears and nervous system are very happy when the woozy breeze returns slowly. Softly making the conversation less the center of attention but not faded enough to totally get out of the picture. The session continues with the girl giving more sensitive information while the noise session starts to be more and more playful & prominent, personifying maybe the artists frustration with the chatty person, urging her to make up her mind, fix herself to make room for the noise that is dying to come out.

Perhaps that’s just my impression and the only personal way to listen to this release without feeling like a peeking pervert spying upfront to a very personal meltdown of an to me unknown) female mind. Whatever it is really, it is definitely something original and one of a kind. It is almost like an endless fight or a struggle between the burst of windy noise and the voices, and honestly I have no idea who exactly won this battle. But I guess the one who has the last word should be identified as the winner. But the one who sits through this release without raising an eyebrow can be called a champion! get this rare digital floppy over at the following link and case study it for yourselves:

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