mhz321 – Cobwebs EP

artist: mhz312
title: Cobwebs EP
cat: Siro473
keywords: ambient, drone, noise, lobit
label: Sirona-Records

Experimental artist mhz312 has just released a wicked beat orientated record on the always innovative SPNet label, just to ignore the glorious uplifting breaks we arrive today in a calmer and seemingly minimal adventure coming out of his hands. The audio that can be heard over here has a strange effect on my brain, it is getting comfortable but at the same time also alert for in case something unexpected will happen. The reason for this might be that it sounds as if mhz is lying down in a dentist chair with his mouth open and a saliva sucker hanging just slightly above his tongue. For the complete length of this experimental work the operating dentist seems to be out and about, leaving the patient in this awkward position of a comfortable chair with the tiny mouth hoover doing its job.

There must be some kind of audio manipulation or perhaps the dentist chair isn’t placed in the typical dental clinic, but perhaps somewhere in a silent field. There seems to be reflections of nature sounds softly appearing here and there, and at specific times some low in the mix drone sound. Could that be coming from cars passing by in the far distance?

After a while of listening to this the fear of something bad that might happen fades away, in some strange kind of way the image that this soundtrack provides in my inner brain makes a visit to the dentist chair into something that could be compared to going to a spa. You might get a bit of a dry mouth from the saliva sucker, but the actual sound session is actually pretty relaxing…

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