Chornosnig – Атавизм Рая

artist: Chornosnig
title: Атавизм Рая
cat: TAN123
keywords: ambient. noise, experimental, spoken word
label: Tales About Nothing

Behind the magical Tales About Nothing catalog number of ‘123’, hides a release by ‘Chornorsnig’. It was send in as a request some while ago, but after reviewing the absolute depressing compilation of the label I had to stay a bit away from this. Now finally recovered from the endless walls of noise and other sadness I feel brave enough to hear this record with a fresh attitude!
Unfortunately by listening to this release when it came out, it didn’t really seem to sparkle and glow like the teeth in a toothpaste advertisement. I just hope that it was just the after taste of doom trying to portray this work in a shady light.

Let’s listen to the first track with a clear and open mind. It is called ‘Изображение’ and its mainly a friendly male voice that speaks in .(I presume) the Russian language. Without knowing what the actual words mean, I receive the mumbling wise sounding words as a sound on its own. It is a comfortable sound, something that feels like you would let it babysit your kids. Trustworthy was the word I was searching for. This within the soft touches of audio effects such as delay, makes it just something more than a smooth spoken word track. The odd music that pops in at a certain time feels like a marching-band that entered the recording studio by mistake and after realizing that, quickly moved on.

Than we hear a heavy raw crunchy guitar-ish drone that sounds kinda cool. It is not alone as yet again there are ununderstandable words spoken.  I do not think that it would matter if I could understand the actual language, as the words seems to be absorbed like water drops in a paper-towel advertisement. If you replace the paper-towel with an raw droned out guitar, eh?

The third track carries the name of
‘Атавизм Рая’ and sound-wise it is kind of a surprise that seems to come out of nowhere. It’s like we are listening to a steady aircraft engine passing through a flanger filter. When you think it’s just that, the engine starts to play some tones like steamboat willy. I mean imagine if Steamboat Willy was attached to a keyboard and someone would do a little improvisation on it. Of course (before I forget!) this track is also provided with a similar vocal soup that seems to be the super glue that keeps these tracks together.

Track four is also known as ‘Красный Свет’ and it seems to capture some weird pasta combination of crunchy sound. I can identify some as a high pitched hiss, a wonky guitar and .. a voice! Neither of them seem to take a lead or actually try to tell us a story, but the abrupt ending does make me scratch my head monkey style.

Luckily I have a sign of relief as the last track on this release features the trustworthy voice of the first track. He mumbles some wise words, god beams some hissy noise back to earth and than a church choir starts to sing! As a listener I feel absolutely awkward, and that doesn’t improve when the ending comes with the sound of a zombie cumming at the right time and obviously the right place. I seriously have no idea what this release was about and what the artist wanted to tell us with this work. But maybe someone else want to give it a try? You can download it for free at the following link:

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