Sir MadTrouble – Sir MadTrouble 2013 (None)

Sir MadTrouble - Sir MadTrouble 2013

So fly! So sexy! I must be looking at the album art for Sir MadTrouble 2013 by none-other than Sir MadTrouble. I hope it’s also a map… ’cause I’m lost in your eyes.

Artist: Sir MadTrouble
Title: Sir MadTrouble 2013
Label: None
Cat#: None
Keywords: Hip Hop, Rap, Indie, Deep, Instrumental Rap, Alternative, Trip Hop
Reviewer: Alex Spalding

Why, hello there. Damn… you’re lookin’ fine tonight, readers. Mmm-mmm! Oh yeah! If you were a chicken, readers, you’d be… impeckable! It’s a good thing I don’t mix business with pleasure… or do I? … actually… I might…. in fact, I’m pretty sure I do. Let me just… lean over and put on some tunes. We’ve got Sir MadTrouble 2013 coming tonight, baby. You ready to get it on?

The review? Yeah, that’s what I meant.

By the way, is that a track called ‘Chekà (Pord. AsylumFla)’ in your pocket, or am I just makin’ a lot of noise in your pants? I’m hearing some super-sexy breaks, smooth bass freqs, some vocal samples… I’m lovin’ the sounds, readers… so hot, yet so chill!..

… excuse me, I was just lookin’ at the tag on your shirt… yeah, just what I suspected… it says ‘Siberian Malamute (Prod. Étre Supreme)’…  that must be a cue for the next track actually, I certainly was not meaning to imply you were a dog, sweet readers… though you’re definitely giving me a bone! No, no… kidding… you’re very sexy. This groove is low-down, with deep and exotic vibes, hot and heavy. Can I ask you something, readers? Do you believe in love at first sight… or should I play that track again?

I hope you know CPR, readers… because you took my… ack… I cn’t breth… *coughs* ugh… thanks readers… anyway, what was I saying? Oh, right… I was going to say that ‘CaravanaCarabina (Prod. Oniristrackz)’ is the next track. I’m hearing some morse code, some shuffling sounds repeating, a voice talking through a radio. Then a bass bump, some lyrics. So smooth… love those tonal frequencies!

If I could re-arrange the alphabet… I’d put ‘U’ and ‘I’ together… I’d also put all the letters ‘El Navajero (Prod. Groove Drama aka Jericó)’ together to spell the next track we’re listening to, but that would also be kind of a shitty alphabet to have to work with. It begins with some very beautiful tones soaring over the skies, dripping from the windowsill like fresh rain. The groove is almost like broken breakbeats, not unlike my heart… </3 Then, from out of nowhere we float into some really nice lofi r&b type feels. Sultry! Somebody needs to call animal control, ’cause this track is a total fox!

You know where my link is? That’s right… it’s at the bottom of my page, baby…

… lower…

… lower…

… oh, yeah. There it is. *zip*

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