VWT – Caffeine Tremors

[4m@025]-00-VWT_-_Coverartist: VWT
title: Caffeine Tremors
cat: 4m@025
keywords: coffee, punk, digital hardcore, grindcore, floppy
label: 4m@ records http://www.proc-records.net/INDEX2.html

Do you want to know how it feels overdosing on cups of coffee? You should probably drink shit loads of cups with coffee in it, to enjoy the ultimate feeling of it. But as you might know overdosing isn’t really a safe thing to do, as you might end up far worse than the state you where in before.

It’s better to avoid the exclusive dead line of  caffeine use, but rather enjoy the grinned beans responsible.
Together with colleagues, a friend, family-pet or just chilling out alone behind a fresh mug of fresh coffee.
Just like other thrill seeking elements there are safer way to explore things on the edge. Maybe they can’t stimulate the rush  nor the heart that beats the shit out of you, but still technology has made things easier for humans to experience without bringing our lives in any danger.
The following digital floppy by VWT contains 3 tracks that would certainly simulate sone aspects of the coffee cup overdose.

First of all VWT starts with a direct hyper fun assault with the first track called ‘electric grinder’. There’s no hair on my head that has a doubt that the potential listener would not by getting an excellent buzz from this energetic mad hatter electric coffee grinder punch! Multiple punches even, especially when you play this short track on repeat! And trust me, you really should play it on repeat as with its 10 seconds in length your ears and pleasure centers of the brain just wants it more and more! It’s like the ultimate blend of jazz, hardcore beats and tin foiled hats filled up with powdered coffee beans!
Forget the stupid energy drinks, this track is enough to get you buzzed up with electric forceful wings in literally no time!

The second track ‘Caffeine Tremor’ is an actual song! Well it contains lyrics and it’s all about kicking your ass with an extreme simulation of a pretty worse case scenario Caffeine overdose! Very dangerous to drink, but guaranteed perfectly safe to hear! Ultimate hyper beats that are yet again inviting you with great pleasure to endure it on repeat! You might even want to sing along! Here are the lyrics for if you want to practice before getting hyped up in the energetic coffee mania audio assault:

To caffinate
And stimulate
Until I fibrillate

The last but definitely not least is the to the point song called ‘coffee or cream?’ and is the mental choice of alternative electronic punk music! The drums are so wild as if the one who blasted them, had the true guts to inject the coffee straight into his veins! Who needs coffee-cups anyway?! Like the previous track this excellent short term shock of energetic madness has lyrics, which you can find (among more information)  in the text file that is included on the virtual floppy  disk.

Yes! The tracks maybe very short! With a total runtime (when not giving into the urge to play these tunes on repeat) of totally 29 seconds! But that doesn’t mean that there isn’t time for a proper begin, a nice middle part and a successful ending! These tracks are perfect, energetic and contains everything to experience a real adrenaline rush of sound infected coffee beans! Download and hear it (it just takes a couple of seconds!) and enjoy it with or without coffee!
get it over here:

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