David Nemeth – A Noise Life

artist: David Nemeth
title: A Noise Life
keywords: Noise, experimental
label: node b netlabel http://www.nodeb.net/

It has been a noisy life! Especially when you’re living the life of someone called ‘David Nemeth’. His days are filled with noises and what can you possible do to give it some purpose? Yes, indeed! Dedicated a release to it! ‘A Noise Life’ is the joyful sound of noise captured in seven tracks to be cherished for a life time! Well maybe not, but in case you were lucky enough to have a lack of noises in your life, than this could be a good alternative to change that!

Let us begin with the ultimate morning noise, The sound of brushing the teeth in a continuous circled move with a steal toothbrush. Nothing gets the bacteria better out of the mouth than the force of steal. Of course the digital alarm clock that seems to sound a bit worn out, cannot be missed in this morning noise extravaganza. This is all rough and tough but sounds nothing compared to the relaxing good morning song of Beethoven’s “Sonata No. 5 C minor, Opus 10/. Together they have created a pretty over exenterated morning noise!

Of course after this noisy morning, we follow the artist to another output activity; painting apples! The noises are poking in your ears like someone is doing a deep throat research with a scalpel, and your ears instead of your throat. Don’t talk too much about it, after all this is art.

After the little hobby noise we follow David to his job as a scientist. Here we hear him adding sounds into reactor tubes, experimenting with crackles and buzzes, twisting knobs and playing with electric voltage machines for the sake of science. It must be an very interesting job, with lots of stuff to keep your hands busy with. And indeed it’s not just the visual aspects and results of these experiments that are interesting, the strange organic sounds coming from newly created micro-orgasms are not heard before, as well as the calm salt bath that foams a delightful noise into the ether. It’s a job that every sound artists could be jealous off, but lucky for us the daily sounds are truly captured here for any noise lover delight!

Than we hear “Sunday Morning” which is a counter to the genre of ambient work that is a combination of melodic piano or guitar with an unobstrusive field recording playing in the background. This piece of information is copied and paste from the original information that came with the review, as it exactly covers what is captured here in this work. It’s a buzzy noisy afternoon that feels like an broken household electric device is zooming its presence, while a calm piano does its best to make it a smooth experience.

Then it’s time for more relaxing time off with the story of ‘‘the legend of Johny Noise’. I don’t know about you, but I’m not exactly informed on this legend but the crackles and abstractness makes me think it has something to do with a meltdown of an electric sitar.

After all the inside noise activity it is nice to go outside for some fresh air. It’s nice to know that our host isn’t living in a noisy city, as this walk sounds pretty and calm. This is perhaps indeed the perfect environment in dire need to get some extreme noises going on. Here we have the crickets, the natural nature sounds of activity in the night and our producer walking about with an odd ‘beeb beeb’ machine that gets some random appearance once and a while.

After all the noisy life activity, it is time to go to bed and sleep to dream of more noises. Hopefully we discover more noises tomorrow! The drone that doesn’t kill is the perfect ending of the day as it makes the ears sleepy and drowsy. Good night everybody! Oh and before I completely pass out to dreamland, here is the link to the noise life of David Nemeth. It will wake you up for a bit!
(sorry, it seems like this release have been taken down, or has some technical issues with  the internet for to us unknown reasons 😦 )

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