Infinity Girl – Just Like Lovers

Artist: Infinity Girl
title: Just like lovers
cat: SAR_100
keywords: shoegaze, noisepop, fuzz pop
label: StoneAge Records

If you are having unprotected sexy times with a stranger, you or your intercourse friend may end up with some unplanned extra bonus points. If you dive into a netrelease without doing some research on beforehand, you might actually end up surprised with what rolls out of the speakers. In this case it is a free happy-go-lucky downloadable single just released on StoneAge records. It somehow overruled me as it feels like the song has no buildup, it is as if one moment you are drinking your favourite drink in your Sunday suit and the next moment you are being pushed in a swimming pool by some lone joker! But the unexpected bewildering aside, the water temperature isn’t bad and the suit was cheap anyway.

This track by Infinite Girl is maybe intended to be heard in an infinite loop, as that may clarify the lack of a traditional pop structure. It really feels to me like we are dropped in some middle part of the song and we never get over the bump to really hear the rest of it. The lyrics change but the whole vibe including tempo and attitude just seems to be stuck in the playful dirt. If the song was a car, I would go out of it, give it a nice push and then hopped back in to hear more of this potential track! But it might just be the best part of the song that we are hearing here, and in that case this fuzzy sweet noisepop track just simply wanted to please you by focusing purely on this side of the song and forgetting all the rest! And just like chocolate spread in a jar, it’s the chocolate that we want cause nobody (insane fakir kind of people aside) wants to eat the glass jar!

Anyway my best advice is to wear a condom on your head and click on the link to try it out with your own ears. Maybe this shoegaze noisepop appeals to you and if not, at least you are wearing protection!

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