Johanna Warren – Fates

credit Gretchen Heinel

credit: Gretchen Heinel

Artist: Johanna Warren
title: Fates
cat: none
keywords: love music, music from the heart, folk, acoustic, sing & songwriter
label: unreleased / not out yet

Oh Johanna Warren with your minstrel voice, your golden hair and those fine glowing pretty lips that slips out such pretty vocal arrangements. You make the hairs on my arm stand up like hayfields in a kind breeze. I’m here to hold your hand to escape through the troubled land, together we ride a white horse while you spread your wonderful music to all the places that the hooves will bring us!

Your fingers are doing magical moves with the strings of the guitar. I love how you let them squeak while producing these wonderful backing tracks that celebrate your angelic voice. I love how you play piano with your toes to accentuate your lovely songs that hypnotice me like a pure beauty of sound.

Your words are like poetry coming from a place where everything seems to be amagical place full of love and warmth. What can I say dear Johanna it is hard to not fall in love with the beautiful vibrations of your music. It’s the sound that goes directly in my heart and fills it up with a safe feeling of prettiness.

All minstrels that have gone before you are all drowned with a certain sadness, they have all deleted and erased from my heart and soul. Vasti Bunyan packed her back and returned to the dark depths of the seventies, because there is no-one I feel like my ears want to hear more than you Johanna! You are the fairy that came to earth to shares your unpretentious songs about your life to any willing ear that is open to accept it. My ears are not big, but trust me I pull them larger for you at any moment of the day, just to hear every single second of your glowing sincerity!

Sister, you know I’m a bit crazy, with my horse and all that, but I do feel so happy that you love our reviewers blog as I’m certain that every reviewer of YIKIS loves you too! Even though the weather here is full of rain and greyness, hearing your songs delivers sunshine and pure comfort in the best possible way!

Thank you Johanna for sharing your beautiful music with us, even if you don’t feel like taking the offer to ride the white horse with me and escape through the hills to unknown locations,
It just doesn’t matter! At least my ears have been pleased and filled with your golden voice and acoustic accords of pure love. I really hope you will find a nice platform to release your music so that many open hearted friendly friends will hear it.  Let your happiness shine and bring the wisdom of love to as many hearts as possible!

I will never forget you and your wonderful stream of music, It has now a perfect place deep inside my heart together with all the additional instruments of happiness that you have included to cheer me up and made me smile of happiness. Let’s walk in the woods together and dance in the pretty moonlight! In real or just as an imaginary friend with your music on my headphones!

Dear Johanna Warren, thank you for sharing your love and making it into music,
I could swim in it forever and write for ages more words how the friendly parts and cuteness are appealing to my inner self, and how much the stripped down production combined with these extra sound goodies are bringing this unreleased record into great perfection. Be careful for the nasty evil angry money sucking label bosses along your way, while you search for a home to stall your music.
Let it flow and go where it wants. Follow your heart as the music will lead us all in the sunny parts of life!

Please let us know when and where this will come out,
as in this crazy mad world of violence, music filled with love is the best possible antidote!

Goodbye dear Johanna, musical angel of dreams with the pretty mesmerizing voice,
take care on all your journey’s and I’ll think of you while making a daisy chain to decorate my horse manes with.

Wish you Lots of love, from a not so secret admirer.

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2 Responses to Johanna Warren – Fates

  1. Alex Spalding says:

    OMGSH, this is my favouritest of your reviews right now KN!!! Thanks from all of us at YIKIS, Johanna Warren! Your sounds have spun silk from a chicken’s tongue!

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