Marietta – Yeah Yeah, Utah

Artist: Marietta
title: Yeah Yeah, Utah
cat: SAR_101
keywords: Emo, Pop Punk
label: StoneAge Records

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah I Know It Sucks, but I’m back with another review for another single just released on StoneAge Records! Did you miss me? Probably not, so let’s continue directly to the review:

They may not have the clean cut big budget studio to make everything sounds squeaky clean, neither do they have the happiest sounding backing singer in the world, but they do have a really nice thing going on over here! Limb biscuit, blink123 and the more illustrious poppunk act ‘the terminators’ maybe even a little bit scared for the material that comes out of the minds of ‘Marieta’. It’s everything you want from a band that hints the keywords of being a emo punk band. Good fine guitar riffs, sweet parts, energetic parts, and a good stage presence (how can you see that by hearing a track? I can’t really, but trust on my instincts..).

The main singer does a good job covering the sweeter sides and the more wildly energetic parts without any difficulties. I even like to say that this is pretty good value for your money and with that,  I mean to say that this single is actually pretty good! You can download this song for free at the link below:

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