Major 7 – Heavy Doses E.P.

Artist: Major 7
title: Heavy Doses E.P.
keywords: electronic, progressive, psytrance
label iono music
reviewer: Pills?!

Anyone want some pills?
I got pills! Pills?
Excuse me sir, are you interested in some pills?
Pills people, I’ve got them!
Hey look, I got pills!
You want some?
Hey how are you?
Can I make you happy with some pills?
ah, bless you and take care!
Ah, where was I?
Oh yeah, I’m selling pills!
Anyone want some pills?
I’ve got them!
Good price Pills!
Pills, yes you heard me!
I’ve got them!
You want to buy pills?
Can I offer you my pills?
Oh sorry I didn’t mean to bump into you like that.. but pills?
Ah I’m enjoying these grooves, can it be thanks to my pills?
Hey, hey you want some?
Ah, feel this minimal base, this is bloody siiick man!
Pills, cheap as fuck!
Can I seduce you with my pills?
Hey girl, You look kinda bored out of your skull, you okay?
What? You’re not feeling it?
The music?
Or you mean my pills?
I’ve got pills you know?
Here! a free pill, and one for your friend!
Thats two free pills!
Smile and hop along, tell your friends!
hey, my friend how’s everything hanging?
you want to leave the club?
But why? (psst, I got pills..) The repetitive minimal club music bores you?
Really? No way man!
Chill out and take some magic pills!
Success guaranteed!
Ah, really?
How much pills do you need?
2 pills?
Sure man that will be enough to buzz you up and enjoy the vibes that people without pills cannot hear and feel man!
This music is great!
Here man, swallow these pills and feel the groove man!
These are some good pills!
That’s 2 euro and 50 cent man!
Some cheap ass pills!
Talking about ass and pills man,
I’ve had to smuggle them between my buttocks!
These stupid securities at the door are always a real pain in the ass!
Bothering hard working pill dealers who just do their job of making everyone happy and dancy in this club!
Without me and my pills who would want to go out?
Who would be here in this unintelligent shithole with a lousy deejay and some massive speakers?
Pills man!
Pills keeps this club happy!
Pills man, pills is revenue!
Pills is instant dancing, hugging, friendly faces!
Pills makes the music man!
Pills, Pills, pills!
ah sorry man, I took some pills myself before and as you can see it turned me into a bubbly personality!
I can’t stop talking dude, but got to go on!
There are plenty of other people in this club, all dying for my pills!
Hey, enjoy your pills, eh?
I know they are actually my pills, so now you have them!
Now they are your pills, formally known as my pills! haha pills man!
It’s a pills world!
hey you there!
You look familiar, you wane buy some pills?
ah I sold you already half an hour ago?
And how’s my pills?
Ah good to see your smile girl and nice dance moves!
Got to move on!
Doctor Phills?
Anyone? pills?
People, I got those fine pills!
Cheap pills people!
Makes every boring party into a success!
Get some pills over here people!
I’m the pills guy!
Hello, you want some pills?
Pills! Pills, I got em!
You want some?
Pills? Anyone? Pills?! Pills?! PILLs?!
Shit do they have to play this repetitive stuff so loud?
They can hardly hear me selling Pills!
People! I got pills!
You want some?
Hey you there!
Yes you!
You want to buy some pills?
It’s good stuff!
The pills I mean!
Got them all tested!
The best pills in town!
You wane try some?
You know I just give you some for free!
Pills are love!
And besides that my friend,
if you are going to click on the following link,
you really need some pills!
Without my pills in your system it isn’t worth to go there!
I must insist to take my pills!
Free of charge!
I give them too you!
My pills!
Free pills!
Free because I love you dear reader of Yeah I Know It Sucks!
And trust me I’m an expert in the clubbing field,
You definitely need these pills in your system!
To experience the scene, the buzz!
The vibes of the pills!
Ah you are going?
But if you decide to follow that link,
don’t forget to take those pills!
Pills people! Anyone wants some pills? Pills?!

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