GHOST – Cursed Forever

artist: GHOST
title: Cursed Forever
cat: Siro636
keywords: hardcore , metal
label: Sirona-Records

It’s such a lovely day, birds are singing and the sunshine is shining! Time to put the flowers outside, kick the garbage bins and pick up an axe for some new redecorating! Put ‘Utopia’ on your ears and start slashing the plants, throw away your shoes, kick in the front door, break the windows! Isn’t it a wonderful day for a rampage? Show some bloody respect garden! Show some freaking bloody respect house! I live here! I can do whatever I want! I’m brutal and have the same tact as a merciless caveman! What?! Why do I need a house for anyway? That will teach you! Put the music some louder and let the wild beast inside of you come out for a nice demolition fest! Destroy! Destroy! Hop, there you go! Break down the walls with a slash hammer! Pull out the grass with your teeth! Hear the metal! hear the grungy voice! Feel the sweat! Give in to this moment of rage!

Ah and now after flattening the house and raping the garden it is time for some pretty guitar that give us hints that our house is not the only one in the neighborhood! In fact there is a whole lot of them in this ‘foreign street’! Put the music up! louder and louder and hear the raw tones of pure hate! And before you know it you’ll find yourself hunting your unexpected neighbors who you have never seen before anyway! Breaking their doors, ruining their social gardens! Bashing through their walls with an prehistoric primitive energy that every sensible human being would run away from!

Oh shit! In this moment of rage you completely forgot about your enemies! Your colleagues from work and that milkman who always forgets to deliver on time! Now in this unstoppable moment of outrageous fury it is the right moment for sweet revenge! And there the massive murderous riffs start and there the ultra speedy beats blast in the name of war! Whatever you do, don’t mess with this band! Or you’ll be cursed forever!

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