Mikr Tonalwsky – End of the rat

artist: Mikr Tonalwsky
title: End of the rat
cat: TPX05
keywords: microtonal, sound, concept album
label: Triceratupuz http://triceratupuz.altervista.org/_altervista_ht/pages/netlabel_en.html

Ha! Do we have a fun cute little release over here! Reading the description and actually hearing the sound as-well makes me feel like this would be a perfect disney-esque story, in an alternative parallel universe that is, eh? But damn this is fun from the start! This is a story about a troubled rat, captured by the humans for unkind experiments but with the nice ending as the rat turns one with the universe! This story is told in tiny little (rat-like!) story telling chapters that basically are providing the perfect soundtrack for this almost fairytale like story.

With the first tiny chapter we follow the tiny hero of this story through the dark alley where all the rat friends are walking around in search for eatable garbage!

With the next chapter our friend is already in trouble by walking on the wrong side where a menace to the rat society is waiting! a fresh looking cube of cheese! Noisy and hungry as our little one is, he will soon enter the unexpected world of a mousetrap!

Oh no! the gate behind him closes as his tiny rat teeth took a small nibble from the cheese! He panics! checks the iron surroundings for a way out but damn! Our little friend is indeed in trouble!

Our friend luckily skips the whole torture scene, but wakes up in a laboratorium in a sad state of dying. The sounds of doom are here to make this scene into a memorable one. There is also a sign of hope, maybe he is not dying after all!

And indeed just as the introduction story had predicted! Slowly our friend gets vaporized in the world of happy existence of being one with the molecules. When the hero of our story accepts its new shape and life form he just continuous his life as if nothing ever happened. Floating in space searching for blocks of cheese!

What a delightful little audio story!
Wonderfully expressed by these five compositions with Csound, a microtonal tuning system of twelve tones compressed in a major sixth!
Hear it for yourself over here:

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