Suicide Kicked In – Hung Out To Dry Remixes

Artist: Suicide Kicked In
Title: Hung Out To Dry Remixes
cat: SPNet126
keywords:  drone, noise, ambient, gabba,
label: SPNet

Noise. What is it? Noise is in my opinion an interchangeable word for sound, but I’m sure my knowledge of Noise is not enough to be certain of this. But I do know for a fact and without any doubt that ‘Noise’ is Nose with an ‘i’ in the middle. A nose is a prominent feature of the face and funny enough it is possible to produce noise with the nose. Some noses produce loud noises in the night, while the owners of these noses are even unaware of them! Sometimes the nose noises are so loud, that they will wake these owners up! Noses and their noises, it’s an un-separable thing.

What does this all have to do with the following newest and probably loudest netrelease coming from SPNet? Well to be honest, not a whole lot except that all the remixers have noses and all the tracks are drooling of noises! To be fair, the original track taken from a CDr release of an act called ‘Suicide Kicked In’ which can be found on this release remixed 9 times by a diverse variation of SP superstars, was until the ceiling overloaded with loud noise! Something only the nose of Pinocchio could have produced in times of less technology, but who knows who is behind Suicide Kicked In? Perhaps Serrano and Pinocchio!? Or that French guy? Gerard Depardieu? He has a right sized nose too! But let us not be too nosey and actually hear these already legendary remixes for ourselves!

Oh my goodness! I just hope that Ichtyor Tides doesn’t have a large wooden nose as how he shoots incredible flames of noise from what sounds like a heavy handled flame thrower, could have done some serious damage! The fire of noise is soon to be everywhere and delivers an instant state of pure shock, if endured with the volume at the maximum level! The wild romance of harsh sound ends only until everything is burned to hot dust!

Ha! This release is of a high quality as PHANTASM NOCTURES really brings a forceful flow of torturous noise mixed with an freaky audio collage of horrendous horror activities! Baby’s cry, ductape is brought out to silence it and it’s like being stabbed from both sides of the head! It’s forceful insanity of energetic horror that drives the glory of darkness!

A rather more obscure act also makes a good appearance as a remixer! Packert Hell pushes the hiss, the lowcore noise outburst with some deep avant-garde in this track perfectly suitable for deaf people with a good taste and flavor!

And than life just can’t get any better for a suicidal kicked in fanatic! (Forfy’s Look Ma, I’m Skiing on a Mountain of White Noise. Love Me! Remix) just is worth a standing ovation of incredibleness! It all starts with a little familiar melody that adds a bit of comedy to this until now energetic but serious sounding release! Than Boom! A catchy noise dance floor cracker for the mentally challenged and sophisticated deranged has hit the party! Standing on the chairs and jumping on the tables and because of lack of energy as we never exercise Forfy introduces a successful bath of calm drone noise. Just to get your breath back and calm down on this previous flow!

The ending of the previous remix goes hand in hand with the Astro Noot remix. It’s like we are listening to an industrialist noise scape where pretty tones seem to do a duet with lower ones. The world of noise sucks the listener in by tricking them that it’s actually ambient.

Doomettes is also making a glorious appearance after a little suicide fact is being politely smudged in the face of the listener. It feels like the noise is getting a pretty makeover with a use of being filtered through some calm transistor radio. Frequencies change but the channel stays the same, providing a truly listenable comfortable noise stream for everyone to enjoy!

The remix by Ech(o) is something so different and yet so charismatic that it is almost delivering a moment of musical epic-ness. Something that would be not out of place as a soundtrack for ‘Annie the Musical’ or ‘Marry Poppins’, if there was a suicidal accident written into the story. It’s difficult to put a tag onto it as it transforms the gruesome Suicide Kicks In track into a thematic ray of sunshine (with clouds hanging in front of it).

To bring even just more diversity and flabbergasm for your amusement, Caelicus Pugna delivers a really fun version of the track by inserting something the Techno Viking would have enjoyed! Yes, A nice pumping hardcore beat mixed with these tasteful noises of suicide! All perfectly chopped up, ordered and pulverized in a delicious alternative dance meal for cyber Goths that are in a dying need to hear noise with a pushing rhythm! I don’t know if cealigus pugna is aware that pretty girls in neon colored clothes and excessive use of hair extension will embrace this remix with open arms!

The last Recorded WithOut Consent Mix is something more for the lounge room with lots of smoke and darkness. The noise is even though seemingly calm it is also painfully harsh and pretty suicidal at the same time. It probably has something to do with the dramatic melody that swims deep in this ultra-red dish of fuzz. A great ending of a diverse release of complex remixes! Stick your own nose in someone else their noises over here and enjoy;

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