Various Artists – GOSSSSSSARRRA

Artists : Various
cat: Chs17
keywords: experimental, avantgarde, electronic, black metal, noise, grind, plunderphonics, crust
label: Chirria Sello

With the tone of a spaghetti western’s sunset the first sounds that are greeting the ears coming from this compilation is of a human kind. We hear the strings of a guitar being stroked as if it’s a young lover. Some cute hints of the asian tonescale hop in to say ‘hi!’ and a more experimental bow proceeds us to the end of this cute little track made by Po Poy.

Like the welcoming entrance of an emperor of strange sound the curtain of the next chapter opens. Even the graceful have human features as we can hear sometimes little farts escaping from under the velvet robes. It seems like we are following the emperor on its magical way to what the elite call ‘the toilet’. It is like magic as doors open and guards ritually hit the gongs leading us to the bathroom. The emperor of sound sits there on his golden thrown and does the big job in an ultra-polite and posh way. When the glorious leader has finished we can hear the comfort of the bidet that flushes his royal behind with a cute little pre-heated shower! This story supplied by the duo called ‘Erra Fagus’ let us hear and experience things that normally would not be heard by the working class, and we have to appreciate that! Migurl A. & Javier Pedreira sure made the emperor more reachable as if he is eventually one of us!

Who let the dogs out? For just a couple of seconds I thought there were some street dogs entering the Yeah I Know It Sucks office, but when realizing that there were also monkey sounds coming from the speakers it suddenly made sense! It was that legendary experimental artist Agnes Pe pulling my leg! But Agnes Pe can do it any time and at any place cause these rhythmic chip crush grooves mixed with the barking and screaks is for sure, sounding like a fun party!

Time to jump on the back on a real Harley, the engine is already hot and the leather jacket fits perfectly! artist ‘IOM’ is so kind to take us for a ride on his steel horse while keeping us secretly informed about the mediores de class media! This IOM does not do by talking with words but with successfully transcoding messages through the coolest music you have ever heard! The landscapes are pretty! Is this route 66? Some beautiful hawks fly along and the hills are red and so is the sky! Nothing beats the media than just go for an awesome ride through the wild side! I’ve no idea who and where this artist came from but thanks a lot! Really appreciate the wind through the hair and in my face! Maybe next time prepare an extra helmet!

I’m not even half way through this compilation but my enthusiastic ears are already standing on the balcony waving their flags of success and happiness! They even trumpeteer this new electronic instrument they have found… Or wait.. No sorry my mistake; this is actually the happy and slightly cuckoo tune by Las barbas indomitas . It is called ‘este verano te mato’ and feels like a protest tune that should be played loudly at rallies and in television audiences! So much fun!

Also artist VaciloTheCock seems to have a lot of fun! Twirling every electric piece of equipment, turning the atmosphere in a very potent brew of structured anarchy!

It is good to see some familiar names featured on this compilation. For example seeing ‘hiyohiyoipseniyo’ (a name you won’t forget!) on here brings instant joy! Here hiyohiyoipseniyo lays something down that fits perfectly in the punk zone of this gathering of the experimental minds. Think mostly of prominent chopped up raw guitars music, to bring on a new kind of rock n roll riot.

The ears are twinkeling when the sound of Oier Iruretagoiena escapes the speakers. A lovely calm sound experiment that could be the electric variation of crickets, with a pretty zooming backing band of mosquitos and other highly educated insects.

What follows next is an experimental track by Lucia C. Pino called ‘God is doG’. For some reason this track doesn’t seem to tickle my imagination although it does its best by delivering a strange blend of avant-garde noise.

Of course after a track that features God there must be something inserted that could live up the high expectations. Fisting the sun is an activity that is pretty straightforward! And artist Trimegistus has managed to record this theme by shooting electronic sperm in the shape of a gigantic fist straight in the suns vagina. There is not a lot of foreplay involved and I’m not sure if the sun is able to get pregnant in this ultra-violent way.

I think the previous two artist has made the universe slighty upset and emotional. It seems to be crying from the sky but as always after the clouds and a sun fisting activity, there is always some sunshine! We hear a man convicting the previous harsh action and all turns out to be forgiven with a fresh new start. We might say that ‘cutter’ is the hero of the day!

Time to celebrate and party I guess! And luckily someone called Nieblafascista has just appeared to bring some weird but funky dance music to the scenery. Wobble like ducks and hit the doors along with the rhythm!

After the party the headache starts to make an appearance, this time it comes as a track called ‘a dog called Fernando’ by el artista tambien conocido como Joaquin Lana. The title and artist name are in my eyes nicer than what it actually sounds like. But tastes are bound to everyone’s independent wishes, some like chocolate ice-cream and some like a dog called Fernando.

Time to get rid of the hard feelings for a bit,while jamming along with the wonky cables and acid blend of a track by ‘Noish’. This is stimulating buzz fuzz jazz of the future! Or perhaps Fernando’s dog just did a massive dump in both my ears and I’m not hearing this properly.

This compilation features a lot of dogs and it must have been part of some concept that I’m not really aware off. But the next track by ‘Plom’ called dogkilldog is a lot more fun! Of course still damaging the ears along the way but at least its punky, edgy and funny! It’s like walking into a punk club where this mad band is playing the loudest and strangest upbeat insanity and you get a bit hyped up about how energetic and mad it is.

As we have successfully completed the full length compilation it feels like an brilliant artist called X really gets the well-deserved after party started with a track called ‘en la calle llueve perra que muerde’. Danceable electro with rounds of cheese and free champagne for all who attended the compilation! Go and check it out at the following link:

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