c4 – Powerpack

artist: c4
title: Powerpack
cat: Siro248
keywords: acid, techno, lobit
label: Sirona-Records

There is nobody in the underground that can make my limbs move and my body dance like the incredible phenomena ‘c4’! You may know him also as the Adam Crammond and mostly as ‘Graffiti Mechanism’! Whatever the coat he wears and direction he flows; his music tracks are always hypnotizing goodies! Here we hear c4 putting out pure energy with a mini release that is rightfully titled as ‘Powerpack!’.

The first track infiltrate the pumping acid drops with the stomping classic rave beat of good times and vibes! The brilliant freak scene of him freaking out the best acid solo you will probably ever hear in the middle of it all, just is a must hear for anyone that enjoys real techno! And with real techno I mean the bloody real thing! Lively played full of experimental freaking greatness that only a brilliant free spirit could blast out from his basement! ‘Intelligent Life 4m’ is the first wicked track that will shake the walls around you with pure and fun dedication!

And basically track 2, (also hitting the nail on the head with its title ‘Raver Refugee’s’) is like the opening of a bottle of the finest acid rave music! You have to smell it, taste its flavor in your mouth but mostly just freaking move! This music is irresistible and this powerpack injects pure acid in your system! Live life and Rave On! get this over here as it is bloody good!

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