Connor Cruise – Closer To Heaven

Artist: Connor Cruise
title: Closer To Heaven
keywords: EDM, Dance, commercial void, pop,
label: Listen Deep Records
reviewer: GoGoZapp!

Connor Cruise’s artwork of his single ‘Closer to heaven’ is decorated with pyramids and not one but two all-seeing eyes. Which basically means that if being the son of the legendary actor turned scientologist Tom and Nicole I’m not kidding’man, isn’t enough credit for success, the freemasons will make sure to play this in their temple rituals to torture the dissidents and make it a hit single along the way. Let’s just count those pyramids, there are so many! My fairest guess is about 11, which of course should be standing for an occult number. An occult number one!

We here at yeah I Know It Sucks come across a lot of music and some even feels very heaven like, beautiful realms of angelic beauty and sincere prettiness. Connor’s ‘closer to heaven’ (is that the lady dada fame monster font?) is not sounding like it’s the way to come closer to heaven. It sounds more like another soulless dance cracker aiming for an emotionless crowd of television adoring zombies. I’m sure you agree that if Connor arrives at the gates of heaven with this song as a gift, he will tumble down from the clouds straight into the fire.

Yes, I’m sure the structure is commercial dance pop and with the right remix it will probably be effective in the club where alcohol is flying through the veins of the party-goer.
It is just getting all a bit boring, the trancy synth pads are so overused that instead of lifting me up, I really feel like digging a hole and go deeper underground. (Maybe even stuffing my ears with dirt, along the way.)  I’m sure if you are in a position of being the son of celebrities, life is pretty fucked up and quit possible platonic in emotions, growing up with nanny’s and caretakers, paparazzi stealing your lunchboxes etc. So that can be the reason that this single sound so soulless, and more so just so copy + paste. It is like all fantasy and creation has gone down the drain and just follows the road of the things that have gone before.  A bit of ether fluff that probably will be available through the crappy airport speakers soon.

I don’t think this is a mission impossible for Connor as he teams up not only with the pyramids and all seeing eyes, but also with the singer of a band that I’ve never heard of before ‘Metro Station’, and a collaborator of the Black Eyed Peas (I’m aware of them’) DJ Poet. This makes me think that none of these fellows have a soul or had taken the time to put something from their heart into this piece of void.  My advice for Connor is to just pick up an old fashioned guitar, study & learn it, try to find some sparkle in your heart and record it not for the sake of bringing another headless piece of brainslush to the world, but actually attempt to make some real pretty sincere music.

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2 Responses to Connor Cruise – Closer To Heaven

  1. Alex Spalding says:

    I’m surprised he didn’t write country/folk music about scientology, that’s where the big bucks could have been found, not an obscure, dated piece of electronica to be released through itunes, hahaha!

  2. Alex Spalding says:

    I hope more children of cult members come forward to write electronica albums…

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