honeyfuzzmole – the Lo-Fi adventures of honeyfuzzmole

Artist: honeyfuzzmole
title: the Lo-Fi adventures of honeyfuzzmole
keywords: alternative, folk, lo-fi, garage, punk, rock, psychedelic

The Lo-Fi adventures of honeyfuzzmole is all about honeyfuzzmole, a one man band that guess what; loves Lo-Fi! His songs are very particular, and also very personal. He is not afraid of going bare and let his voice crackle the words that go through his brain. It all sounds very fragile and very raw, like idea’s freshly written on a post-it note and then quickly brought out to life with the help of an old fashioned warm guitar and sweet mister honeyfuzzmole himself.

Honeyfuzzmole is not squeaky clean, neither polished in shoeshine and avoids big bucket recording equipment and expensive musical studies; he is not afraid of things like going out of tune and other bullcrap. Honeyfuzzmole is awesome! It’s pretty in all its innocence and you got to love honeyfuzzmole’s presenting way of speaking his mind, telling his story’s in his own unique way , nicely explored as a new found friend or just as a brother playing in the background providing a calm stream of honest stripped down no-nonsense folk music.

The longer you hear the music of honeyfuzzmole, the more likeable and friendlier it gets. It’s like getting to know someone who has dropped its shield for the outside system and exposed his heart that’s interlocked with his voice and fingers that flirt with his guitar. The Lo-Fi adventures of honeyfuzzmole is a warm short record that brings some hope to the table, hope in the meaning that not everyone has turned into a soulless robot just yet! Hear the lLo-Fi adventures of honeyfuzzmole over at the following link:

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