Cagey House – Medicine Hats

artist: Cagey House
title: medicine hats
cat: HPR071
keywords: avantgarde, experimental, neo classical, instrumental
label: Happy Puppy Records

‘Playing for the train’ is the first track that greets the ears on this release by Cagey House. It feels like the music you expect to hear coming from a good hearted art performance. The sounds seem to play on their own as if its almost plain randomness, but strangely falling in all the right places. It’s as if multiple puzzle pieces are laid down on the floor and slowly they come together and form a beautiful picture of dreaming sound.

Another pretty experiment is ‘a rose in my hair’, which takes the sweet bell like sounds like xylophones and dulcimers to an avantgarde piece that twinkles the ears with a precious delight.

With the track named ‘eleanor’ the instruments add a little bit more magic and mystery to it all. It is as if they play the music of untouchable dreams. Telling story’s so bizarre that they can only be told by sophisticated randomness.

The sparkling piano tones that sound as playful like a new born spring of natural water, come from a track called ‘dark was the piano’. There is nothing really dark with what these notes are playing, but maybe it’s a dark colored piano or (which may not surprise me!) this piano is slightly possessed and play the keys on its own!

The last track sounds like a pretty farewell song of this highly original release with compositions that are really hard to pin down, but at the same time flow by like the most enjoyable natural organic sound structures you could wish for.

This release is something ideal and perfect to play in the background or to listen before going to take the trip to dreamland.  Beautiful stuff! More information and free download of the music at the following link:

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