Iker Ormazabal & Oier Iruretagoiena – La Solana

Artist: Iker Ormazabal & Oier Iruretagoiena
title: La Solana
keywords: experimental, ambient, drone, improvisation, industrial, noise

Iker Ormazabal (guitar, electronics) teams up with Oier Iruretagoiena (laptop) and made a release called ‘La Solana’.

The first audio escape starts with a vibrating movement with an undermining deep dark drone that slowly opens as a lonely flower in the dessert. The core of this flower is a singular guitar with a pretty hiss that simulates almost a constant electric sparkle. These elements are being played with, fading in and fading out to create highlights to suck the listener into a psychedelic state. It succeeds with ease as the track evolves in a certain depth that will excite the regular LSD user, even in a state of soberness.

The second part takes over in the same state of mind as how the previous work has ended. Slow transformations of comfortable experimental sound are playing games with the listeners mind. The vibrant sound happening seems to get slightly louder and energetic. It’s like these two artists have managed to play with the molecules of the brain and capture them on a traveling adventure of abstract sound that behaves almost like the sound of a hyper modern train. The end station is a high beep that not everyone can hear.

Chapter 3 opens up with more vibrant sound that seems to be alive and transforming like a cocoon into something that could be described as the finer parts of dream noise. This part seems to be very dedicated to comfort the listener with slight changes in sound. The friendly ambient noise tickles the mind until the track ends.

The last track opens up as if there is too many things going on and we have dropped too much hallucinative stimulants to keep it relaxed. And that is a very strange experience as the actual sounds are actually pretty in its minimalism. But there is something brewing that might be called ‘the darker part’ of the trip. No more sleeping as the music moves on into a wakeup call that will for sure let you know that this is the end of the release.

It’s rare to come to a conclusion after hearing a record with such a stimulating experimental origin, but this was certainly a pretty one. All tracks are connecting and make it basically into one large audio adventure. Within all its minimalism at first sight you can just hear that this work was well thought about, with lots of details and efficient working sound structures. A really great dream noise record to enjoy alone in a room of silence! Check it out over here:

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