Pollux – TV Destroying your brain (and you love that)

[4m@015]-00-Pollux_-_CoverArtist: Pollux
title: TV Destroying your brain (and you love that)
cat: 4m@015
keywords: noise, drone, experimental, lobit, virtual floppy
label: 4m@ Records http://www.proc-records.net/INDEX2.html

TV destroying your brain (and you love that), is the perfect fitting title for this virtual floppy by Pollux. In a track that just covers 2 minutes and 13 seconds we are served the essential brain killing ether waves coming from a television screen. (And you love that) The frequent hisses penetrate the skin until it fries up the brain like chips baking in oil. (And you love that) These sounds are the stripped down reality of what a television and its killing entertainment channels are doing to your head and its thinking capabilities. (And you love that)

It’s a worldwide addiction, everyone wants to watch their favorite series and see celebrities doing dumb stuff. (And you love that!) While you are lured in this state of relaxation the uncompromising brain damage start to kick in, slowly transforming every TV person into a obeying and propaganda eating mindless zombie. (And you love that!)

But I’m sure that most people awake enough to stroll the internets and know they can be fooled at any corner along the way, have already thrown out their television sets out of the window. (And you love that!) George Orwell’s 1984 has pretty much arrived with the state of the art televisions with build in webcams and microphones, but just like watching a backstage mc Donald documentary, Pollux shows you the behind the scenes by unmasking the brain infiltrating television noises and make sure you’ll thrash your TV if you hadn’t done it yet. (And you love that!)

Maybe this tiny release isn’t for you, but perhaps you know someone who needs the truth? Someone who is glued to a TV screen like they are the best buddies? Someone who brags about having a reception of a million channels and basically needs to hear these unfiltered noises by Pollux? Well here is a link you might wane pass along to these ‘friends’ who need it the most:

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