Sascha Muller – Loop Mode

artist: Sacha Muller
title: Loop Mode
cat: 4m@001
keywords: dance, loops, lobit techno

label: 4m@ Records

This release has the importance similar to the first step on the moon. This is the very first ever release on the digital floppy label 4m@ records, which is kindly inhabited by underground legend Sascha Muller.

Quicker than the speed of light he has produced a perfect fitting release that contains 2 catchy dance floor pumping loops, which should be played on repeat until your head is filled up like a stuffed turkey. Let the lobit grooves take over your body and hear different sounds in the deeper layers of it all. Maybe they aren’t even there, but the pushing stimulation of pure dancefloor rhythm has more to it than what it seems to be!
Hit that repeat button and pick up the glow sticks and get that floppy disk party started!

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