Travis Johnson & Jukka-Pekka Kervinnen – Floral Churn

artists: Travis Johnson & Jukka-Pekka Kervinnen
title: Floral Churn
keywords: experimental, avantgarde
label: Welcome To The 21st netlabel

I’m not really sure if Travis Johnson and Jukka-Pekka Kervinen are fully aware that they have recorded sounds from a colony of space lice! It’s indeed remarkable as the space lice are many light-years away from earth, flying around in their spaceship that looks similar as a box of cornflakes. The first recording seems to capture them trying to search for eatable space crumbs and other left overs. They crawl like hungry tiny little bugs over the control panel while their microscopic feet make exciting space lice sounds.

With the second audio recording we hear more the daily activities of the space lice colony. There are lots of activities going on. some get beamed away , some get vaporized into little space molecules, some of them reproduce, while others pressing buttons and other technical equipment. It’s a busy life for a space lice!

And they keep busy as there is just so much to do in the world of the space lice! In the next track we hear what a high classified space lice hears when working in a classified section of the space lice space ship. A lot of controls are being pushed, areas being scanned, things stretched and the usual space lice bleeps and blops machinery can be heard.

In another section of space lice activity, it goes all a lot wilder. Unwanted space lice seems to be chased out of the space hallways, hovered up, converted and studied.

It’s dinner time at the flying space lice community. Only the elite space lice have the honor to nibble on the finest microscopic foods a space lice could wish for. We hear those little creatures nibble these delicious tiny delicatessen with great enthusiasm.

While most of the space lice are having a good time, there seems to be a giant cockroach roaming in the lower sector of the space lice space ship. Even though his legs are bound by tiny iron chains, it seems that it has broken free and roams around the area silently. Eating the unexpected space lice along its way , and as far as my ears can tell you; it taste him well!

Beam yourself up into outer space, straight to a certain flying cornflakes cardboard box sized space lice space ship and hear the daily activities and possible dangers with your very own ears at the following link:

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