Various Artists – Intermitted

Artist: Various
keywords: experimental, drone. Electronic, noise
label: Attenuation Circuit

Soft and short sci-fi sound bites can be heard in the first track on this compilation. It’s almost as if ‘The Dead Mauriacs’ designed this track to be the perfect opening for ‘INTERMITTED’.

Where the first track sounded like something coming from a futuristic future, the second track takes us back to the fine seventies. A time where some members of kraftwerk tried out LSD and made improvisational music that was so far removed from the robotic stiffness of their future works. It makes me happy to hear that the artist still has kept the lost knowledge and isn’t afraid of channeling the original loosely played sounds of freedom. The track by ‘Ivanov Down’ is way too short but enough in length to let the playful strings shine through the happy vibes!

I love how these tracks are like opposites of each other, while at the same time being perfect partners. This work by ‘Midnightradio11’ is coming from a much darker and calmer realm than the hippy-esque work that we heard before. There are humming priests involved who in combination with the ritualistic sounding drums and the dark tone drone creates a sinister ambient experience.

The perfect transition teletransport the listener (without perhaps really noticing it) to the mental world of psychedelica folk duo ‘Toth Kina Hegyfalu ‘ . They let their music crawl on top of you and when you least expect it they’ll let you know that they were there all the time! Freaky, isn’t it?

An even crazier gentleness prevails from the contribution of ‘Huh’ . It is like insane Italian party people are having a typical party with lots of wild vocal expressions and a wonky supporting guitar to fill up the void of smoke, crisps and lots of vino!

Frans De Waard returns on this series with a composition of sounds. We hear the squeaky door, brushing teeth, old fashioned fashion show times, sharping knives, children, and Frans De Waard bubbling in a bubble bath. We hear birds and utter strange receptions, pigs and a collection of steel doors being slammed in the face. It feels as if its a large sound snippet taken out of the daily life of a happy mad man. Nice!

‘Jacob Brant’ brings a stretched out soundscape of strangeness to the scenery. Long bright transforming tones crawl up the listeners ears with an industrial feeling. This all goes along with a nice hiss that molds itself into an unexpected pretty ending.

From this surprising musical highlight an artist called ‘Peer Saer’ takes over. His acoustic manipulated music flows like a hand-played lazy river.

In a similar trend but yet of a complete different order is the experimental soundscape by ‘Der 2te Freund’ . It has a high synthetic feeling that feels as if they are out to emulate the sound of the coastal line with a cold atmosphere, seagulls and massive sound waves that hit the rocks.

Than its the turn of the host of this compilation to supply some great mystery to this already strange but great fitting bunch of experimental music makers. Emerge’s track sings like it’s the sounds of gigantic whales that sing aria’s for their partners from the coldness of the sea.

The last track is a short realm by ‘ The Dead Mauriacs’ and feels like a little dream where strangeness goes together with a calming beauty. Do we smell the sea?

This is the ninth episode of this experimental music series and is like the previous compilations absolutely recommended if you are interested in this type of audio. But even if you are not into experiments this is certainly something that would be a good listen. I think that the success sessions are mostly due to the perfect selection of tracks that even though being diverse, always seem to be well connected in mood. This time there is lots of plucking of stringed instruments and things that touch the memories of the good old sea. Be sure to check this one out at the following link:

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