AFA Presents… – Roncheras

Artists: Various
title: AFA Presents… – Roncheras
keywords: Mexican, 8bit, electronic, experimental, acoustic, electronica, disco, ranchera, sample-based, world music, summer hits!
label: AFA presents

Normally when we go through the doors of a selective club we expect gambling, dodgy business and not so friendly characters. But when you hear what this selective club of experimental maniacs has smuggled out of their secretive club doors, you’ll be surprised! There is always a time for eating burrito’s and wearing ponchos, but hearing the content of the following compilation it just feels almost like ‘a must’! So here I am sitting in the hot burning sun, with a large sombrero for protection on my head and an extra-large poncho for the fashion statement. I’m also a proud owner of a fresh burrito than I will slowly finish until there is nothing left of it! Why? Well the next compilation is a slightly insane tribute to Mexican ranchera music! Yes, amigo! You better get in style too as this release is hot!

It all start with the sunny Mexican vibes of Ionn Connor! This figure let the Mexican honor flow mixed with a delicious electric rhythm, the singer is captured drunk and the insanity is feeling good over here! And with dancing to this friendly party music I have my first bite of the burrito! The record crashes and the food taste so good!

More happiness comes with another tune that feels perfect to be the soundtrack for a fantastic summer! My ears don’t care how these tracks are made, if they have plunderphonic-ed the original traditional Mexican folklore or not, I’m definitely ‘clicking like’ to what my ears are hearing! Let’s celebrate by taking another bite of this burrito in the sun! Hmm this is just as delicious as the music by Van Delay!

Dr Almeja’s track makes me dance! It’s definitely too hot to dance in this burning sunshine, wearing a woolen poncho and this larger than life’s Sombrero, but a enthusiastic reviewer got to do what it has to do! And as this track has a very fun cycle of going from friendly Mexican dance music into a hyper spaced up electro-rock madness and back again, it’s simply like the burrito ‘irresistible!’

Ohlala this compilation is getting hotter than hot and so is your reviewer! With burrito in my left hand and ketchup in the other I find myself running in the hot heath on this incredible hyper speed Mexican dance madness delivered by Dada Ket!

A short moment of relaxation comes in the tiny but equally fun track by Gumbel. It’s almost as if it’s taking the piss! In fact is everyone on this compilation taking a comical jab at the cherished Mexican ranchera style? Well it turns out rather splendid and full of happiness! Thanks to Gumbel I managed to take two full bites of the burrito, and I’m overwhelmed by Mexican happiness!

DJ Dabadabakoski  takes the Mexican vibe into a swinging electro groove! Hear those horns and how well they go together with that electric cool baseline! The singer seems to sweat too! Its 39 degree in the hot sun and even my large sombrero is not enough to find shadow under! But really with so much fun music, you only want to dance until the sweat falls of the body like a waterfall! This is hot stuff!

The never ending heath and the realization that the burrito has ended up completely in my stomach makes listening to the next work in a wondrous situation. It’s a beautiful and inspiring melodic work that blends traditional sounding ballad style instruments intertwined with the energetic rage of punk! Bo Lit produced pure jaw dropping awesomeness!

Elias e ignacio creates a more traditional sounding ranchera song, something to feel good. The guitar and the accordion and the swinging rhythm makes this the perfect summer hit to get loaded in the sun on cheap tequila! Quality!

After the happy moment of inserting tequila the alcohol and a slight hallucinative side after effect of eating the burrito come out in the perfect spacey experimental work by Sindrome Amok. It’s like a perfect Mexican  ranchera ballad on drugs!

The last but certainly not least is the sweet Mexican music by Nestor +3. After a little required instruction how to play the ranchera style, the song flows with pure love, beautiful warm loving voice and there is even the appearance of the sweetest choir I’ve heard!

This compilation lady’s and other gentle people is absolutely brilliant! Time to throw the sombrero high up in the air and be sure to get this! Forget all the crap that MTV and commercial radio stations are trying to feed your ears belated summer hits as this compilation is pure gold! Every track is of a high quality bringing traditional Mexican music in a modern and happy daylight! The perfect album to be happy about and that will turn every dark day into instant summer! Highly recommended fun that is absolutely free to download! What are you waiting for, amigo?! Download this happy and absolutely great fun compilation at the following link!

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2 Responses to AFA Presents… – Roncheras

  1. Really cool and kind review. Thanks! 😀

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