SuperKillRobot – Mission Complete

artist: SuperKillRobot
title: Mission Complete
keywords: dance, drum & base, electronica

Is it a nervous futuristic meltdown that has entered my ears symbolically, or is this the work of the notorious SuperKillRobot?
Yes, by realizing that I started to review this product of this producer a couple of seconds ago I can confirm its the first track on this release called ‘Distress Signal’. It couldn’t have a better fitting title than this one! But as this writing may come across as distressing and negative, in reality this track is fun for retro techno lovers, you can just imagine that guy from 2unlimited jumping up and down while screaming loudly ‘Techno, Techno!’.

Track 2 is called ‘mission accepted’ and is what I like to call a simple but effective dance track with a construction setup by a piano loop, a baseline and some thematic strings. Of course there is a beat too! It’s all very mix and match and not in your face material, nice stuff but in my opinion not mind breaking material.
Which is actually a good thing as it makes this into a right fit for in need of something that is upbeat but not disturbing. Perfect music that could be enjoyed while doing other things, even (oh the horror!) working would turn into a nice experience with this music on the background. This is not only speaking for this specific track but possible (minus the distress signal) for the rest of the record.

There are a few favorite tunes on this release and one of them is ‘Planet Side’, it really has a nice feel good thematic feel to it with its almost pop-ish structure. It is really nice how it feels alive while beaming its main melody in your head where it will probably stay for a couple of light years. I imagine waking up with this melody successfully buzzing in my head.

‘Communication Lost’ is also taking the same road structure wise, which also makes it an instant personal favorite track of this release. It’s not as catchy as the track we heard before, but has a nice take with the synth and has a real friendly feeling to it. You can just see the fingers of SuperKillRobot pressing the keys of his instrument and feeling content with the nice sounding result.

Another thematic track is ‘Mission complete’ and just as the title suggest, it feels as a musical relief! SuperKillRobot has saved the universe and turns back to his home-base. I can’t help too hear not just the sound of satisfaction but also almost the sound of disappointment that the mission has finished.

The last track is ‘Starlight Memorial’ and feels to continue where the mission was completed, as the SuperKillRobot was being sentimental and while traveling on its way home said ‘f#ck it’ and continued his story in order to find injustice that needs to be fight against! Other missions are out there, you just have to find them!
Go and follow the pleasant journey of SuperKillRobot at the next link:

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