Justin Scott Gray – Adult Music



Artist: Justin Scott Gray
Title: Adult Music
Label: Amok Recordings
Catalog #: ???
Keywords: Indie, Folk, Post Rock
Reviewer: Johan Nederpel

Between all the request we get for reviewing the n-th noise album, there are some real gems of a totally different caliber. Take this Folk / Post Rock album of Justin Scott Gray for example.

The album starts with a track called ‘something that brings us the light’, which is a composition that slowly swells to an almost boombastic piece, and then turns swiftly back to its original quiet guitar strumming begin.

‘everyone wants to go home’ combines strummed and picked guitar with a delicate touch of organ (played by b.burroughs). This tracks feels a bit more lo-fi diy recorded than the previous one.

The third track, called ‘in fields’, is a very nice track with a delicate piano part in it. 

‘an evening waltz’ is, as it should with a waltz, a slow 3/4 track. I can see myself with my misses dancing on this track in the evening of a hot summers day while drinking our favorite wishkey. The subtle organ gives this track a nice vibe.

‘i used to write’ is the first track that has vocals in it. I think more of the previous tracks deserve to have vocals in them, as it would give them a more finished touch. This track is my highlight of the album.

‘there is a fog’ is the heaviest and darkest track on the album. It really almost put me in a state of depression, but in a good kind of way. You directly start to think about al kinds of things that happened in the past couple of weeks. 

In ‘circles’, the vocals are back! As with the previous track, it is pretty dark. It also is a bit short.

The last track ‘when in rome’ is a real Post Rock anthem. Screaming guitar, hard drums, quieter sections, it’s all in there! 

Overall this album is very good! And best of all, you can order it as a tape! CD-r is available too, but I just have a weakness for tapes (as you might have known allready).

This album is available on: http://amokrecordings.bandcamp.com/album/adult-music




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