Various Artists – Tape Safe Anthology Vol.7

Artists: Various
title: Tape Safe Anthology Vol.7
cat: TaSa-07
keywords: noise, ambient, electronic, lowfi, psychedelic
label: Tape Safe

After hearing the previous Tape Safe compilation it was an exciting moment when hearing the good news of an insider, that there would be a follow up! Now it has arrived and is like the previous one released for anyone with an internet connection free of charge! If this compilation is as good as the last one we all should be excited, jumping and wiggling on our seats to hear the psychedelic prettiness coming from the people of Tape Safe. Let’s dive into it for a good respectful listen, shall we?

What started as if a broken machine brought some noise in the morning breeze, transformed immediately in a strange surfers-rock meets punk-rock experiment. It has rolling beats that blast through the speakers as well as rough guitars and slightly more gentle played episodes. It’s like drinking a espresso while you are expecting a normal cup of coffee. The band with the odd name of ‘Yeti : 910’ called this Sweet River Mercy, and certainly provides enough caffeine to wake up.

Another unexpected start comes from a track provided by Ben Mc Hugh. It’s like a strange sound experiment where emptiness showcases strange sounds. Before actually understanding any of this, the time has already passed.

More to my personal liking is the pretty work of Tan Frio el Verano who delivers a really pretty vibe of sunshine music. We hear pretty guitar strings sing in the blue clean sky. It’s a bit spacey and slightly hinting to have a spot in the heroine hotlist of listenable tracks to not freak out on.

Of Clocks And Clouds’ inserts some stiff swing with an electrorockdancepop song. It is the first track that has a real stretched out space pop structure which I’m a kind of a sucker for. There is a nice spacey baseline and heavy synth use. The vocalist comes across as a crystal clean space cowboy who rides his unicorn through the stars singing something about ‘being too late’. I have a feeling he has something in common with that white rabbit of Alice in Wonderland fame.

Than after our space travel we go straight back to the kitchen! Well not our own kitchen but a audio recording by Eric in the kitchen. His track is called ‘Wake the night’ and comes across as one of the more sincere sounding works coming from this compilation. A really nice relaxing atmosphere is created by playing his kitchen guitar that goes well with his honesty in his voice and lyrics. This is something to dream away with, a moment of pretty calmness from one heart to one others.

The prettiness of the former work left my head in a relaxing spacey friendly mood, but the next act called ‘MST’ turns the headspace into a nightmare-ish one. Lucky it is just part of some long stretched introduction. It must be the French words, they are just so horrifying! It is much more pleasant sounding when the devil himself seems to start to laugh on repeat and shaving machine noises start to penetrate my ears. Do I hear sinister synth sounds? Yes, this is pretty dark but in all this darkness it is also pretty sublime. It totally freaks me out how evil it sounds while even with the slow industrial beats is absolutely horrifying. Something that will give you beautiful nightmare’s or just to play when friends are coming over and you want to try your evil stare at them! This is the soundtrack for that very moment! Nasty!

The following artist has a hard job making the vibe into something else. The hero is called Bathernay and brings a song called ‘In The Rain’ to the table. I can’t help to feel a bit comical about it as coming from such a dark evil track and then falling into this opposite of sound. It’s a bit drowned sounding as if the singer is singing in the rain, soaked and hear broken with melancholia.

Than the odd realization that the street sounds from a foreign country are being beamed  trough the speakers is what happens when listening to the track supplied by “when Day Chokes The Night’. It of course depends as maybe for you, dear listener; it might be the sound of your own country. And might be even you being fieldrecorded with your friends! But for the rest of us it is what it is with a little soft sweetness added to it towards the closing end of the track.

More musically interesting is the avant-garde sounding track by Chris Silver T and Mauro Sambo. We hear cymbals being played by a drummer who can’t hold his hands still, lots of free jazz drum rumbles that feels at the same time as being animalistic warrior style, also a bit as if the person who did it has also drank that caffeine loaded espresso that the first track provided. It’s free style!

More to the point and fuller of structure is the track by The Great Wilderness. This track is rocking hard and professionally! Awesome energetic vibe, powerful vocals and still radio friendly! This is probably the strongest song on this compilation, kicking the others away with a force of female power that sounds super tight band wise! Recommended stuff!

Than we hear the work of Noisesurfer who surfs us in full stereo with guitar sounds that seems to shoot themselves in outer space. Noisesurfer Slowly adds more of the space feeling by exploring more electronic movements in these sound waves. It’s a calming experience that will fall in the favorable taste of psychedelic cosmonauts.

One artist that was presented on the former anthology was Fe Male Fou, here Fe Male Fou returns with more psychedelica that stands on a planet of its own.  Nice smooth sounding pretty noises, spoken word and warm tones are the possible ingredients for this poetic adventure inside the human psyche. Just sit down and let your body flow on these sounds made for the trippy minds.

There is something holy at this part of the compilation, perhaps it’s the dark sounds coming from the sound monastery made by Defect. The work is called At Night (part 1) and Is like a tiny peek in the night activities of the black hooded monks.

Then there is the righteous hippy momentum coming from the perfect feel good, feel the peace loving swinging love music by Elekrophil. What a lovely work that just makes you go barefoot in the garden, instantly grow a beard (even if you are a woman) , decorate your hair with flowers and dance around naked alone or in an instantly formed commune! Love and peace is in the air!

The last track on the compilation is a work by Sermeq. It is called Mists Of Avalon and bring another psychedelic state of perfection. It feels just as friendly and peaceful as Elekrophil but has a more space rock flow to it, with a nice rolling beat and funky guitars. The aliens are supplying the synth tones on this one and let me tell you, it sounds excellent! Unlike Oblala and the other 1% warmongers these people send love through the air instead of bombs!

Tape Safe Anthology volume 7 is an absolute must for every self respected psychedelica lover, it got a bit of everything really. Something for the hardcore trip experience, some comical moments, evil darkness perfection, great rock anthems, melancholia and pure happy hippy vibrations to feel good about! Let’s spread the sounds of peace and start by downloading this compilation over at the following link:

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