Various Artists – The Tribute To Karlheinz Stockhausen ‘Music Or Sound?’

Artists: Various
Title: The Tribute To Karlheinz Stockhausen “Musik Or Sound?”
Cat: 8R087
Keywords: Stockhausen, lobit
Label: 8ravens
Reviewers: Alex Spalding & KN… oh, and a special guest!

KN: Oh yes! The Tribute To nobody less than Karlheinz Stockhausen!
I’m extremely excited to have received the news that this compilation (after years of preparation and rumors), has finally appeared to be alive and well on it’s intended platform!
Even more excited that I have actually this compilation waiting for me on a small inch corner of my overloaded craptop. I think the highest reason for my over enthusiastic excitement is that this is not only a tribute to one of the grandfathers of experimental music , but especially that it is all in the perfect experimental comfort zone of 8kbps! I’m sure Karl himself would applause this original output where creativity is walking hand in hand with the technical environment of  extreme lobit encoding.
Because I personally am not really up to date and neither have a lot of background knowledge of mister Stockhausen, I invited Alex Spalding over to give this tribute some more justice than a 8kbps fanatic on its own could do.

*chop chop chop chop*

ah, Here he is! flown over in true Stockhausen style, in a chop chop sounding helicopter!
Welcome Alex, hope you are good and had a good and safe trip!  Glad you  could make it!

Alex: Hello hello! So nice to be here! I have a surprise for you, KN! I’ve brought a special guest with me… without further ado, ladies and gentleman, I present to you, none-other than… the baddest electronic mofo himself… Karlheinz Stockhausen!!! I think. Actually, I didn’t ask him if he was Karlheinz Stockhausen, but I think he could be… he looked like what I imagined Karlheinz Stockhausen would look like… let me just remove this tape, and…

Mysterious Person: …mffmmrrmm *gasp* Hey! What is this!? Who are you people and why did you bring me here!?!? You can’t get away with–mmffmmffmfm!!

Alex: Hush hush now Karl, haha… we don’t want any troubles or anything, we’re just wanting your help in reviewing this compilation. A lot of artists have made an 8kbps tribute to your music… isn’t that wonderful?

KN: Wow, that’s amazing! And Yes! Hello! Glad you are here! And so great that you have brought KarlHeinz!I really think I need some help over here.. First of all the compilation doesn’t seem to have a proper playlist aka a running order.. Which is kinda Kinky! And also in style of you, Karl, never too afraid for some experimentation..
There is by magic a hat here, it is probably a magical hat!
I suggest we just  put all the tracks in the hat and then pull one out at a time.

If we just remove that rabbit, there must be enough space to throw all these tracks in.
What do you think?

Alex: I think this review is gonna be gold… GOLD, I tell you! Karl and I can’t wait to get started, eh!?

Mysterious Person: mfmmrm… O_O

Kai Nobuko – Stockhausen Studie (Stockhausen Studie !! Elektronische Musik)

KN: Ah yes, fuck from all the tracks I could have pulled out of the hat, It had to be my own track! It’s weird to hear it as it is such a long time ago (as this release has been so long in the works), it basically feels to my damaged brains as a complete new track that I’ve never ever heard before!

I do remember attempting to study Stockhausen, but it isn’t easy to study someone who is study-ing themselves! Alex, can you help out here? I think we also study electronic music, just by dribbling and attempting to create things, but at the time of Stockhausen there weren’t any craptops or bandcamps, soundclouds, experimental sound groups on social networks and other things I guess.. He must have felt pretty alone, or maybe just rather special?

Alex: Yes, this is true! In the olden days when giant modular synthesizers were being created by experimental psychopaths with amps and watts running through their bloodstreams working for weird upstart companies operating out of people’s basements, it was a very fringe thing to be making any kind of music with electronics on it. A lot of people just didn’t know how to approach listening to such records, anyway. And then, fringe of the fringe, were types like Stockhausen here who, among others, were putting out the strangest beeps and boops anyone had ever heard and getting highly experimental and futuristic!

KN: I think even now, our guest is making experimental noises.

Mysterious Person: HMMpppFFFrrr HNGgggg!

Alex: Whoa, this music sounds like something burbling from the bottom of the ocean!!! I feel the crushing weight of the depths, and there are some squeaking sonar radar waves… I can barely see a thing down here…there seems to be some splashing, too…

Mysterious Person: Grmmrrmfrmmmm…

KN: KarlHeinz, what keeps you going man? I mean it was so silent around your persona, I started to believe the hype that you had died! So good to see you here, alive and  literally kicking in your chair! What’s the matter with him, Alex? I think he wants to say something?
Maybe you want to pull out the next track out of the hat, Karl? After all it’s your tribute!
I guess not cause his hands looks a bit tied up at the moment, but don’t worry Alex will pull one out I hope..

Lezet  – A ( Tierkreis – Leo)

KN: Ah man! I didn’t know that Stockhausen would have sounded so musical and sweet?
I can’t help to think that he was more a helicopter sound man. Are you a helicopter man, KarlHeinz? <taps his head>

Mysterious Person: Mhnnnggg HmffpppFffF!!!

KN: This work of Lezet is so damn fine and loungy, it hangs in my ears like a cliffhanger between a famous song you play for just born baby’s and someone who is paid to cheer up the shopping atmosphere in a warehouse.
You must feel so proud and delighted to hear all these wonderful 8kbps tracks in your honor, Karl? 8KBPS man! 8KBPS!! Do you hear me KarlHeinz?

Mysterious Person: ‘WROadmmmfffff GGGGKKKRoorrwewpwpp fffffffs’

KN: 8KBPS man! 8KBPS!! Do you hear me KarlHeinz?

Mysterious Person: ‘WRrrrrrGhhGHHgg Lvvvv mmnn thtttt fccckk lnnneee’

KN: Ssssssshhhh

Alex: You’re killing the mood, Karl, geez! 😡 This is not why I brought you! Anyway, this track is so weird at first, like a steel piano string being throttled with lobit distortion. It’s really nice!

Bird Paradigma – Yard (Mantra)

KN: The track by Bird Paradigma is called ‘Yard (Mantra) and makes me think of these outside garden benches where in normal day life elderly people sit or young teenagers hang out to gossip about what’s hot in the neighborhood.  But instead of people, the couch seems to be occupied with the strangest odd looking creatures, purely made up of sounds!

They all seems to talk, some in wise ways, some chat like a headless chicken, some make jokes, some are hilariously bizarre, and some talk in a way that I wish there was a way to understand their language. I mean tone and structure wise I might feel where they are talking about, but the actual words are coming across to me as a new language.

This recording to me makes me feel like sitting among them, hearing their intriguing story’s, laugh with them without making sound, as that might bring some disturbance to the situation. I don’t know about you Alex, but I certainly love these fellows! I wish someone could start up a school to learn this language; I would apply just so I could still the need to understand their jokes, filth, gossip and other local chit chat.  (shit scat)

Alex: Yes, I’m imagining they are like amorphous blobs with IQs in the stratosphere, possibly talking about anything ranging from the creation of universes to the technical heating direction of canned soup stock. It’s like 3 AM, no wind, dreamverse, bizarre communication… I think you were onto something there! I love this track, don’t you Karl… oh, right, let me just peel that tape a little…

Mysterious Person: Pfth phthew!!! Look, I’ll give you whatever you want, just let me go, I swear I won’t call the cops, I’ll– pfmmmrRMMM!!!

Alex: Yikes, maybe peeling the tape was a bad idea, poor Karly doesn’t seem to want to talk about the tunes!

KN: what a bummer! You never read in someone’s biography that he is such a party pooper…
Well I don’t let KarlHeinz disturb his own tribute. Let’s see what’s the next number in the hat?

Marasmatronics Projet – Total Music Abstraction

KN: Ah, so glad to see the Marasmatronics Projet in this compilation, the person behind this project seems to have disappeared from a prolific energetic life online revolting in the art and music outputs of netlabel land. I hope he is well and alive, but at least we have here a nice sign of pre recorded life!

The track is like a classical drone, something that always comes back somewhere in the minimal drone releases that seem to pop up. The ending is what makes this track different and stand out from most of the similar sounding vaporized drones. It is basically a unexpected wobble, something that reacts a laser shitting and then puking with a wine cork. Laser Puking with a wine cork?

Alex: Yeah, that sounds about right! I feel like I’m caught in a wind-tunnel… I’m like a television reporter standing at ground zero during a hurricane, I’m all like… “Huh!? What’s that!?! I can’t… I can’t hear you!.. what!?” and then I fall over and there’s water debris everywhere. The wobbling is like pure carnage, I’m hearing bubbles and loud bursts of noise.

Mikrodepresja – Illimité (Illimité).

KN: Oh! Man! I don’t know about you Alex, but I’m loving this track! So nice, so smooth so warm and so beautiful.
All these pretty tones seem to vibrate and tease the pretty sounds of data loss into the friendliest organics!I feel like swimming in an ocean of love, with tiny strange looking fishes and bubbles tickling my armpits..

Alex: Yeah, haha! It’s kind of like wind-chime frequencies, this compilation of compression artifacts. Pure, unadulterated beauty… who says data loss implies loss?.. eh, Karl?

Mysterious Person: mFRM! mFRMrmrm!!!

Alex: Yeah, I think so too. ^_^ I love the underbelly of the track, the low frequencies that are not really the focus of the work, which is probably too abstract to even say it has a focus anyway, but the low notes in-between the higher frequencies kind of level the whole thing out in a really nice way.

MushroomWavved_Collar – dirticopter (Tanze Luzefa!)

KN: Oh, KarlHeinz you’ve inspired so much music makers around the world! You must admit that these awesome sounds coming from MushroomWaved_Collar are totally unexpected! It’s like a electronic wild composition with snare drum rolls, funky basslines and strangeness!

I knew it Heinz! You are the man behind Aphex Twin AND Squarepusher! I never thought about it but thanks to MushroomWaved_Collar everything just started to make sense! That’s why squarepusher doesn’t like to show off his face and thats why Richard D James is just a mask that can be used on whoever wants to be him! But behind these ground layers of the braindance genre its all just you! Making people think that you’ve died and still pulling the strings of awesomeness with all these projects! KarlHeinz you really amaze me! There you are with us, alive and making all these noises! Can I kiss you on the forehead and congratulate you for this musical scam of the century!

Mysterious Person: ‘mmffmmffmfm’

KN: You have all my respect mister Stockhausen! Alex, Did you know KarlHeinz Stockhausen here is Aphex Twin and Squarepusher? I have a feeling that Karl is Autechre too! He is such a workaholic!

Alex: Wow! There’s so much that I even I had to learn about KarlHeinz Stockhausen! This track is great, I’m loving those tightly programmed and chaotic IDM percussion sequences… the melodies are more diffuse, but I can hear them as basically a drone, with these electro basic waveform basslines that are almost like a chip-hoover or something.

KN: If you don’t turn those sad panic looking eyes into something more happy and appreciable KarlHeinz, I’ll chip-hoover you! haha . How about that? Nah, jokes KarlHeinz I love you man! Seriously! And everyone on this compilation loves you! Let’s pull another tribute in your honor from the magical hat!

Timur Dzhafarov – Pulse (Hymnen)

Alex: This one’s really pretty! Drone, ambient soundscapes with some really gorgeous bits happening, nice frequencies, strange noises.

KN: Oh Karl! You must admit that this tribute is really a remarkable feast for the ears! Absolutely fascinating how every contributor has a different take and spin on honouring the Stockhausen repertoire! The artist called Timur Dzhafarov delivers a beautiful and almost holy sounding space ambient track!

Mysterious Person: fFRMph!!! *kicks, trying to undo the rope*

Alex: Hey, looks like the next track is coming up!

Unsonic – Klangkontakté (Mikrophonie I – Mikrophonie II)

KN: Unsonic has brought something to the table that sounds like something very KarlHeinz to me! Bubbling rhythmatic experimental sound that feels organic and yet so mechanic! I don’t know what you guys think but I believe this is definitely the Golden Nugget in the sound field! I also love how the thematic bubbles are having these extra orchestral vibrations because of the lower bitrate, it turns it into an almost authentic golden classical composition.

Alex: Yeah, this is SO Stockhausenish.

Mysterious Person: FRRRMMMMPFMM!!!

Alex: Oh, it looks like you’re wanting to say something… what is it, Karl???

Mysterious Person: Frmr–ow! Don’t pull on that tape so hard!!! First of all, this is NOT “so Stockhausen”… it sounds more like that hack Xenakis!!! Now look, either you let me go or–RRMM!!!

Alex: Wow… yeah, I guess this does kind of remind me of Iannis Xenakis a little, but personally, I also see a lot more Stockhausen in it. Splitting hairs, though… the rapid-succession bass drum sounds are cool, over those are these compression artifact throbs… it’s like a woodpecker on a spaceship.

KN: Xenakis? Make notes people, I’ll hope we’ll celebrate his work with a fitting tribute in the near future! But yes without nonsense, Stockhausen this is so you!
Hey what’s that behind your ear? Ah, its the next tune!

Vlad_Shegal – Model (Model)

KN: Vlad Shegal is very known for his acoustic guitar folk songs with a great campfire feeling and his love for lobit environments. I listen a lot to his live recordings because his voice is so warm and sincere sounding, he is one of tgis performers that makes me want to learn the Russian language so I can sing along with his songs or just understand them better. But here Vlad Shegal made a tribute song that we all can understand and if we wanted; could sing along with! It’s in the precious dada-ist language and feels like he is doing his best to recreate the sound of a happy airplane flying without worry’s in the blue sky… but perhaps I’m wrong! What do you think of this, Alex? KarlHeinz?

Alex: I really love it, I agree with you that you just wish you could sing along… this track has a strange glow, an aura. In my mind I’m imagining someone being charmed or put under some kind of spell while staring at the ripples of their reflection in a small pool of water.

Mysterious Person: ggrrgg…

Alex: … Yeah, it kind of sounds like that!

d0x10 – krzsPPPl (Kreuzspiel)

KN: KarlHeinz Stockhausen I think you really must feel at ease and pleased with yourself by hearing this interesting tribute by another modern master of the soundarts D0x10! This is experimental avantgarde chill out jazz to my ears, telling adventures with so much respect and depth that I can hardly believe my ears what I’m hearing! You must admit by hearing this that its about time you’ll finally go and enjoy your pension KarlHeinz, as this finnish composer can do you and probably explores even more modern technologies you could have dreamed off! Really the world of experimental music is in good hands!

Alex: Haha, yeah! It’s like sharp free jazz! I think I’ll have to risk pulling the tape again, really curious what Stockhausen thinks of this one!

Mysterious Person:

Alex: … Karl?… *pokes him*

Mysterious Person: … ok, ok! It sounds like… Terry Riley or some shit, I don’t know, why are you asking me!? And how many times do I have to tell you, my name’s not Kar–RRMMfrm!!!

Alex: … wow, Karl. You should be nicer, these people have put some really excellent sounds together in your tribute!

KN: It is that I respect your work KarlHeinz otherwize I might hang poster up telling everyone how rude you are.. Let’s keep up the good spirit man! This is a party! It’s your day! (if you like it, or not!)

jjoth – GGG (Zyklus

KN: If the previous artists and their wonderful tracks doesn’t convince you that your legacy will live on till infinity, maybe this brilliant track by jjoth will! This interesting composition with piano, keyboards and drums is like a cat and mouse game where adventure and madness makes perfect sense. Thing go up in tone scales, fall down again and every second is full of excitement! I’m loving this almost cartoon like avantgarde soundtrack so much! It makes me smile! I bet under that tape you are having a large smile too, mister Stockhausen?

Mysterious Person: 😡 mffmfmrm…

Alex: This piece of music is a lot of fun, bouncy, playful acoustic arrangements, completely wild!

penny and ashtray – movement33(telemusik)

KN: We are almost at an end here! But what would a tribute be without an appearance of Penny and Ashtray? It’s very little and petite but just sound so good! It’s like the duo walk up the stairs for a well deserved pension! I am really convinces KarlHeinz, that its really time to do the same! I don’t know about you Alex, but after hearing this tribute don’t you think there is nothing here on earth that can be a nicer highlight on the work of our friend mister Stockhausen? I mean really, KarlHeinz this whole time you didn’t stop making noises, you really should take a break man!

Alex: Yeah, Mister Stockhausen’s been so glum. Anyway, this is some very alien-sounding treated acoustics! Since it’s the last track, I suppose I’d better see what Karl has to say…

Mysterious Person: mmr–That’s it, I’ve had enough!

*the Mysterious Person suddenly throws off all of the rope, tosses his glasses aside and rips away his suit and tie to reveal a red cape and blue spandex outfit with the letter ‘S’ emblazoned on the chest… he then flies away*

Alex: I didn’t… do… do you think that was actually… *gulp*… Stockhausen? O_O He must have flown back to his synthesizers, so he could continue to save the world with his avantgarde electronic music. I could tell, though, by the twinkle in his eye… that deep down he really did enjoy this compilation… as did we all…

KN: 0____0

hear the tribute to the works of KarlHeinz Stockhausen for yourself at the following link: (click click!)

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