Dysylumn – Conceptarium EP

artist: Dysylumn
title: Conceptarium EP
cat: Siro667
keywords: death metal, black metal, others..
label: Sirona-Records

We live in a world full of materials. To name a few; wool, gold, wood, steel, iron, plastic, glass, sand, stone and shit. There is plenty more in this list but the next following release is all about the material called ‘Metal’. You might have heard of it before, but just in case: Metal is in most cases very solid & shiny material, you can beat it with a hammer and reshape it without breaking, you can even melt it by hot heath and is suitable as a collider for high voltage energy.

With this tiny free release on the Sirona-Records netlabel, this metal is being showcased for your scientific educational purposes and utter enjoyment. The metal presented over here is kindly classified as Death metal, Black metal and the open possibility of other metals. As mental as it may come across on paper, the metal has been molded in an authentic musical form and shape. Its worth to put under the microscope for in-depth study as this material is not only very solid sounding, its color seems to be black with a red velvet slightly satanic glow. Surprisingly the heavy guitar sound move even to slightly happier places, stimulated by blasting riffs that reminds me of machine guns that tickle the edges. The shiny structure of this material also provides a typical metal voice that grunge its way out through the thickness of its skin.

This short record is like the perfect sampler to try and test out this solid metal with your very own ears. The pieces are like two sides of the same metallic coin, which makes it easy to carry with you for further examination at the lab, on the road or even at home. Just compare it with the other materials and you will see that metal is hardcore, almost unbreakable, and easy in use!

You might want to put on a band t-shirt, grow some long hair and open a couple of beers to get the most out of it. You can download it over here, but beware that the safety goggles are not included:

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