Richard Ramirez – Caught

Artist: Richard Ramirez
title: Caught
cat: SPNet129
Keywords: harh noise, HNW, wall, black leather jesus
label: SP Recordings

Artist Richard Ramirez who is widely known for his Black Leather Jesus fame has come to earth to fulfill the prophecy of delivering eternal damage to whoever may cross his holy path of destruction. The preachment consists of two lengthy sets of rich vaporizing noise walls. This unholy force has biblical proportions as all music and all other knowable sounds are being overruled, annihilated and thrown away in to the voids of no return. The artist will not leave until he successfully removed every other singular sound and replaced it with its very own brew of warm noise. Don’t be completely fooled by what the ears might hear, as this noise replacement is very deep containing layers with musically influences, hidden deeply in the burning hisses and softly changeable noises. The artist delivers simply a miracle over here by organizing this blast of listenable extremity. Just as Jesus could walk over water, Richard Ramirez gives every mortal human being the opportunity to walk over noise. There is no reason to be afraid as there will be a soft landing made possible with a classical slow fade out towards the end.

This fade-out gives the start of the second sound miracle the extra punch that it deserves. The two sessions have a slightly different feel hidden in these harsh surroundings. The second part feels to me more closely to noise heaven with its extreme depth that might be hard to hear, but is absolutely present.

If you are into harsh noise and search for almost a steady religious wall of it, you might possibly enjoy your ears being perforated until they are no longer usable. If that’s not your thing and would like to conserve and safe your ability to hear for other music in the near future, than it’s probably something to avoid or give it away to friends who you love or hate. Richard Ramirez and SPNet  will give you the magical choice of holy noise! You have to hear it to believe it, but could this possible be the sound of Richard Ramirez caught in bed with the long awaited and sexy apocalypse? Or is it too mild for that?

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