Grandmother – Family Time (S4D006)

Grandmother - Family Time

Artist: Grandmother
Title: Family Time
Label: Slays For Days
Catalog #: S4D006
Keywords: Sludge, Hardcore, Power Violence
Reviewer: RTF

Grandmother is a sludge hardcore act from Perth, Western Australia. The band of an unknown number of members describes itself as “sludge violence” and prominently lists Man Is The Bastard as an influence on its bandcamp page, which is a fair hint at what to expect from Family Time. The tracks Grandmother cranks out are short, with the whole twelve-track album clocking in at less than twenty-five minutes, but are sufficiently heavy that they maintain a presence and do not feel rushed. The project even injects a bit of variety in the material by adding some noisy soundscapes full of rumble like the titular opener and several others on here, some with incredibly effective subtle guitar noise that is deep enough in the mix that it sounds like someone screaming underwater: wet , high-pitched, and remote. The pace on the songs also speeds up here and there, almost pushing into power violence territory, like on the ripper “Geoff Gallop.” However, the main focus and joy of Family Time is when everything slows down, locking into a sick, destructive doom groove. There are some big Melvins-esque riffs on this record – thou shalt bang thy head! I know some bands get pissed when you compare their sound to others, but Grandmother’s excellent blend of atmospherics, sludge, and hardcore quickly bring to my mind Ireland’s Drainland, a band I love to the point I start going through withdrawal if I have not listened to their album And So Our Troubles Began for a couple of weeks. Much like … Troubles …, Family Time is full of brief songs with huge riffs, packed full of such negative emotion that the listener feels the intense need to break something. Invite some friends over and throw this on for an instant mosh pit, just hope your friends are cool enough to help you clean up the wasteland that was once your place.

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