Ninshubar – From The Above To The Below

artist: Ninshubar
title: From The Above To The Below
cat: UNHX011CD
keywords: electro-acoustic, experimental, nu jazz
label: Unorthodox Recordings

Yeah I Know It Sucks Web Promotion, the press office of Yeah I Know It Sucks for the promotion of reviews of artists outside the Yeah I Know It Sucks inner circle, writes to make you aware that we accepted to review the release of Alessio Riccio’s last album, called Ninshubar- From The Above To The Below, just released on Unorthodox Recordings, independent label specialized in electroacoustic music.

Yeah I Know It Sucks  is a review website, absurdist source of information and very well-known and rewarded on the Mexican and European reviewers scene, with a lot of high profile collaborations among new talented and insane reviewers. In this review we are joined by the very personal artist KN who will continue at the end of the official information to write in a less formal way. The reviews of Yeah I Know It Sucks are powerful and visionary, full of personal flavours and different stylistic references.

Hoping to get your attention and an eventual melting of the minds, we point you out that the link at the bottom of this review is strictly reserved for further information and exploration if interested to hear and perhaps purchase the reviewed item. We kindly ask you to diffuse it if the release happens to be of your likening.

The review is available within this textual parody of the official press kit email, while the release is listenable through bandcamp. If needed you could print this review out for a physical copy, you might want to add pictures and write your own fan based press kit.

We would like to inform the management of Alessio that the manipulated excerpts of the press write-up and a link to the release will be published on Yeah I Know It Sucks’s personal website. (

Hoping in a feedback from yours, we send you our warmest regards.

Yeah I Know It Sucks Web Promotion.

Okay, now that we have done all the official blabla I can’t wait to switch the official suit and tie words to a more comfortable camping costume and hear the actual music.

The album is kind of weird and combines the free jazz knowledge with the modern pleasures of electronic glitch and hyped up avant-garde. It makes me think of the work of Mr. Bungle & the glitch experiments of D0x10 but less directed to be completely flabbergasted by. the nonstop continuation of what comes across as one large conceptual art style is as a singular track lots of fun with all its strange sounds and intelligent chopped up jazz-ness, but as a full length album containing 18 tracks that follow almost the same structure and ideas, comes across to me personally, as a slight bit of a bore. Even though in every composition there are new sounds and new elements to be found and there is definitely a refined intelligent experimental composer at work over here,  the lack of style diversity and shock stops, overwhelms the ear as if it’s one continuous modern day freestyle avant-garde  jazz sound soup. If you are a lover of this genre you should definitely hit the dining table and try out a fresh bit with a spoon. It might just be something that you could eat and drink until the bottom has been reached. Personally I’m more a fan of mushroom soup with a teaspoon of Coltrane.

Within this brew there are some notable vermicelli tracks that come across as highlights on the record. The hottest one worth a good listen is also the last track on the album, but there are others along the way. For example a track called ‘Il cane e la (sua) nuova vita’ (which is the 9th track on the album) stands out in its independent strength and avant-garde absurdity. We hear a more strong female voice that speaks as if she is part lecturing the place of a public meltdown and with a slight grotesque word telling, Italian words are being spread until a avant-garde punk vibe has been reached towards the end of the composition. This feeling of hyper flirtations with extreme modern free jazz, breakbeats, guitars and intelligence come back in the 11th track of the album. Another highlight is ‘Purifica le tue labbra (in silenzio)’ where the animalistic wildness hints itself through the use of vocals. The other compositions continues without not too much  worries and is for the rest of the listen, a safe place to swim in if you are into this kind of modern style, slightly pretentious sounding art nu-jazz avant-garde.

As promised in the long official introduction of this review, it is now time to fulfill our task to place the awaited link to hear and perhaps purchase the reviewed album below:  (

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