Sideation – Insomnia (NJMP3-0049)

Sideation - Insomnia

I don’t know exactly what the album art for Insomnia by Sideation is supposed to be… so we’ll just say it’s pie. It’s someone cutting themselves a nice warm slice of cherry pie. The camera is at a weird angle is all. Mmm, pie. Did you know that pie… uh… wow, that’s strange, I was quite sure I had at least one factoid about pie memorized… but, I guess I don’t. I’ll have to find one on Wikipedia later. Or, maybe there’s a WikiPIEdia? No, don’t worry about laughing, that wasn’t very funny anyway.

Artist: Sideation
Title: Insomnia
Label: Noise-Joy
Cat#: NJMP3-0049
Keywords: Noise, Power Electronics, Ambient
Reviewer: Alex Spalding

Sideation was a side-project of Distorria Mordred, who released other things under that name and was also a pretty cool noise artist from way way early back in the Noise-Joy catalog… as well as an avid supporter of the Noise-Joy project throughout its run! This was one of my favourite pure fucking noise albums from ’06, having a gritty, harsh sound, very uncompromising and brutal!

Insomnia begins with ‘Harpy’, a 38-second barrage of digitized-sounding feedback run through distortion!

Then ‘Decay’ really blasts your ears, sounding harsh, shrill, intense and modulated. Imagine taking a bath in a basin filled with razorblades. Lower frequencies emerge, sounding… not cavernous, but reverberating as if recorded in small, tiled hallway.

‘Machinist’ is echoing, reverberating digi-mech noise, sounding at times like a guitar is being mauled, carried off by a pack of wild dogs to be eaten.

Next is ‘Televised Suicide’, reminding me of Budd Dwyer or Christine Chubbuck. It sounds like a perpetual scream engine, white-noise harsh on the ears, drawing to a whisper when suddenly distorted signal feed like a television tube malfunction enters the mix. A modulated wind sound creeps up, getting louder. The modulations intensify… now we’re treated to a thrush of distortion, just before the end.

‘Mourning’ is like guitar drone with strange electric interferences, robotic sound effects.

Are you ready for ‘Cyborg Poultry’? A gaggle of noises, all of them harsh and distorted. Frequency feed loops, growling electric guitar dirge, traces of ring modulation… it’s like the twisted, burning husk of a wrecked car.

‘Mutter’ sounds like a warm jet of air carrying radio voices and scattered fragments of harmonic, orchestral synth strings. A bizarro-broadcast from another world, clicking and distorting, eventually being devoured by thick static gusts. A modulated, almost rhythmic feel is swelling in the mix, replaced by quick-spinning drone.

‘Radionoise’ is white-noise static electricity with barely audible, glowing voices from beyond. Talk radio, shrill chaos, cacophonics. Increasingly, the sound becomes sharp, opaque, a mire of distortion.

Then it’s ‘Queer’, a NON-esque repetitive harsh noise wall, looping like a saw-horse on a teeter, back and forth the noise saw moves. Explosive energy on this one!

After that, it’s ‘Lowender’, an extreme bass/drum loop, distorted beyond recognition. Rattling, throbbing, a spinal-base injury set to music. Traces of other frequencies emerge on occasion, like a synth string sound, the vapors of a snare. It begins to feel as if we’re traveling backwards, the sounds making that tell-tale sucking sound. Ends with static and a zap.

‘Dandelo’ comes off like a harmonic drone of dissonant frequencies, each ramming against one-another to create a complex tapestry of noise, self-modulating.

‘Sprite’ has an unusual softness to it at first, white noise and melodic feedback, which then changes to sparkles of bells, reverse-rides, creaks, crunches of distortion.

The titular ‘Insomnia’ comes next, with dischordant tones, sharp mechanical whirring and noise effects. A machine drowning. I love this piece, and love how the album progressively begins to move into these fascinating sonic terrains, filled with unexpectedly pleasant sounds that are still used to evoke alienist sensory experiences, in a context of noise-driven experimentalism.

‘Interuption’ sounds like a wind tunnel, sounds shot through concrete tubing. It pans sharply toward the end, ending with what sounds like a modular synthetic reproduction of a shot and the upset screams of an unimaginable alien entity.

‘Ghoul’ involves sharp, short bursts of feedback distortion and the low growls and chants of downpitched monks. It’s like a black mass, altering time and space and creating an entropic vortex. Very Lovecraftian.

The final piece is ‘Redredred’, whispered siren calls combine with harsh blasts of static electricity, sounding now more like Silent Hill, if it were over-run with vampires.

Really cool noise album, I suggest you download it at the link down below!

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