Burning House – Burning House

Artist: Burning House
title: Burning House
cat: DLR070
Keywords: Shoegaze
label: Deep Lake Records

I’m sitting on a rock in a field, and stare with a dazed look to my feet. I forgot my shoes! My feet feel all exposed to the grass that tickles beneath them and the air that surrounds them from the other sides.. What am I going to do? Got to help them as they always have helped me! They have carried my weight on many journeys and never left me, even if I didn’t truly took care of them. My feet, like it or not, are actually a good pair of friends! Where are my shoes? Do I actually have shoes? It has been days, months, years that I actually looked below to see these two handsome fellows. I think even then they were not surrounded in a comfortable shoe! I had to do something about that but had completely lost my mind along the way. I forgot about my feet! How horrible and how disrespectful to them! I feel ashamed, so very ashamed! Especially because I’m aware that they are easy rape victims, for the large fleet of feet fetishists. They have encountered their sleazy looks before, being sexually undressed by the eye from toe to ankle.. This is no joke! Now as my mind is still focused and not occupied in a forgetful mental state of insanity; I got to do something for my feet!

There I am, standing in the field. I’m on all fours like a cow, slowly moving my head to all sides of the horizon.. I’m gazing for shoes while munching on the green grass below me. My tale sweeps the bugs away while my big eyes search the field. What is that? That there in the far distance? Can it be? No?! Is it really what I hope it is? Is there another shoegazer out there? Also standing on all fours but with shoes on? And what is that all around the shoegazer? Oh my gosh! Really? I can hardly believe my eyes! The shoegazer is gazing at a spot in the field full of shoes! Ah oh my! The shoegazer has spotted me too and waves his tale to invite me over!

Here we are; the shoegazers. Standing happily in a rich field as new friends in the wonderful spot with shoes in excess! Left shoes, right shoes. Sport shoes, leather shoes, high heeled shoes, colorful shoes, second hand shoes, new shoes and even some laced boots! Like Adam and Eve, we the shoegazing adults have found our garden of shoes! Soon my feet are surrounded by comfortable and good looking shoes. Even my hands are wearing shoes! There is even a tiny shoe hanging on my tale and a rather large one on top of my head.

My newly made friend tells me about something he had heard coming from the big city. “Did you know that they have named a genre after us?’ he said. I told him that I had no idea where the shoegazer was talking about. He told me ‘It’s called Shoegaze!’. I was surprised, a bit honored and also extremely curious! Shoegaze!? Music about us? Shoegazers? ‘No, no he said.. It’s just a genre, it doesn’t really have anything in common with our gazing for shoes activities..’ . A little bit disappointment added to the mix of excitement, but still I wanted to know what ‘shoegaze’ was all about.

The friendly shoegazer pulled a link out of a shoe and gave it to me. ‘Listen this, it’s a new free downloadable release from a netlabel called Deep Lake Records and it’s full of shoegaze!’. I was jumping up and down on my new shoes, oh my! I have new shoes on my hands and feet, and standing in a field with a new friend between tons of more shoes and now I will be able to hear shoegaze for the first time in my shoegazer life! Ain’t life beautifull? ‘MoohoohooHoo!’ I screamed! Don’t be too surprised as this is the intergalactic scream of shoegazers joy! I added the link into another shoe and hold it close to my ear. It was kind of tricky without the help of my fingers, but it worked! Soon the sounds of shoegaze where coming out of the shoe and in my ear! What a joy!

I couldn’t stop myself! I had to dance as the surprising rolling beats and wicked guitar riffs and poppish shoegaze where sang into my ears! Even my shoegazer friend was hearing the vibes and started to wiggle his tale, smiled and said. “You Know I love you..’ I couldn’t hear him as the shoegaze music by Burning House was rocking hard to hear anything else! It was the best day out of my entire life I thought, while dancing on the hit single that was named ‘Mirror Song’.

When the Mimosa track was blasting from the shoe, I was keeping it closer to hear everything as good as I could. There where awesome guitar riffs, that where exciting me to the limits. The pretty music that sounded so nicely raw, epic and at the same time as something that I had never heard before, was just plain awesome! The epic ending was something I hoped that would never ever come to an end! What an orgasm this music was! How exciting and good! I was so into this track that I didn’t notice how my shoegazer friend started to flirt with his tale and his eyes where examining my feet that where now surrounded by doctor martin shoes with cat faces painted on them. So cute!

When completely forgetting the surroundings while hearing more of this great band, I started to feel something odd at my feet. With a little look with my inspecting eye, I noticed that my shoegazing friend had removed my shoes and was licking and sniffing my bare feet. It tickled a bit but I was too busy rocking my head to the vibes of a pretty shoegaze track called ‘Languor’. The singing voice has a pretty seducing effect on me, and when writing this, I realize that this shoegaze album was perhaps the rape drug for shoegazers where my mother had warned me about. It was all too late, I was still enjoying the music way too much to bother about what my friend was doing to my feet. The music was so pretty and melancholic; it had a certain emotional vibe with a slight hint of darkness. It was pretty and I couldn’t stop enjoying the ballad.  The music got more intensive and the beautiful guitar riffs that where going so well with the dramatic drums where making all my hairs go up. I closed my eyes to absorb all the shoegaze music that Burning House was feeding my senses.

Suddenly I noticed something tickling, it was kind of nice but also something that I didn’t experienced before. I kept my eyes closed and my ear peeled at the shoe to hear another pretty piece called Love’s casket. I felt loved and surrounded by this pretty music, so very safe and relaxed. I felt something wet licking my backside. I opened my eyes a little bit while still rocking my head in an almost trancelike state to see if my shoegazer friend was still sniffing my feet. What I saw was something that I don’t want to write down, but it was of an A rated kind. I closed my eyes quickly, not wanting to disturb this pretty listening moment. It was just me, my ears, the shoe and my first time ever pure shoegaze experience.

While I was listening to the excellent and romantic sounding ’13 moons’ I couldn’t really be bothered what was going on as I completely had lost track of space and time. When the guitar started to give the music more volume and I wanted to share this excitement with my shoegazer friend, I looked.. My shoegazer friend was at the back of me, he had sticked his shoegazer tale inside my black hole and started to rock my body slowly in the same rhythm as the music that I was hearing. What would normally be a shocking experience, the music had me tranquilized and I felt as if I had let everything go. The music and the penetration of my slow rocking shoegazer friends tale gave me so much intensive orgasms, that I felt like being in Shoegazer heaven. My ears where warm and happy and my complete body was shaking in pure ecstasy. What an erotic adventure and what a perfect day! I closed my eyes and wished that this EP by burning house and the internal sexual massage by my shoegazer friend, in the green field filled with all kinds of shoes just would never end… Check this release out as its the sound of shoegaze heaven! https://archive.org/details/DLR070

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