InZaine – Opaqus Recordings


Artists: InZaine
Title: Opaqus Recordings
Keywords: Funk, Punk, Fastcore, Hardcore, from California
Reviewer: Johan Nederpel

‘these are some tracks TIm Kelly of Opaqus Records did for us. will probably be out on a tape in who knows’ is the description of these four tracks. And please, please, please, PLEASEEEEEEE release this on tape.

4 tracks of old-school fastcore punk combined with a nice sauce of samples. From the looks of the hand-drawn cover, they are Cannabis Satanists. 

Listening to the lyrics is always very difficult on the ultra-short tracks, as they tend put in more words in one track than your average 4 minute pop-track. But the vocals aren’t that angry and sometimes even have a joke in them (Duck Duck Gook!).

Talking about 4 minutes, that’s about the duration of this album, so everyone has be able to fit a listening session in their schedule somewhere. And listen to some other albums on their bandcamp also, they are equally cool!


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